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I grew up dreaming about being a musician, honing my craft between shifts at my parents’ gas station in the small town of Chugiak, Alaska. And when I finally made it down south to Los Angeles years ago, I thought I had everything when my dream was recognized with a record deal, critical support and the praise of my songwriting peers. But, really, none of the records or acclaim compare to the birth and upbringing of my son Hank at our home in Los Feliz.

My family is still back in Alaska, so becoming a mommy while making music has really taken the support of my community of friends and relatives to lend a listening ear so I can stay positive. They can help build a tricycle and wrap presents while I make Christmas dinner or be that emergency call to fly with my son Hank and I on a last minute trip to NYC for a recording session or show.

Really, it’s such a blessing that Hank has ‘family’ around him at all times – a lot of ‘aunties and uncles.’ He’s a really well-adjusted kiddo, and I’m so proud of his adventurous nature.

Being a recording artist has required a make-it-work mentality from the beginning, so Hank is now the deepest, loveliest inspiration for me to stay focused and make it great for him to be the benefactor of my efforts. I schedule quite a bit around the days that he sees his father. And I get creative with working while he is asleep, be it a nap or bedtime.

Thankfully, my work is pretty flexible, and I’ve come to see my music as a bit of retreat, to be honest. Mothering is truly the sweetest, hardest work. I am really glad that there are so many understanding collaborators in my life.

Hank even got to have lunch with me and nap in my arms during the making of my new record ‘Stronger.’ That’s a perk not offered in all lines of work, or by many record labels for that matter. I am blessed to have incredible support from my friends, family and Hank himself as I lead my life as an artist.

Los Angeles-based artist Kate Earl re-emerges on her Downtown Records debut Stronger. Written and recorded with a crew of well-respected Californians, including Brett Dennen and Blake Mills and led by the single “One Woman Army,” Stronger is available now.


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  1. Rocco Mirro 30 November, 2012 at 11:05 Reply


    You are an inspiration to every single hard working loving mom. I commend you with your positive thinking and sharing your gratitude to who helps you follow your dream!

    Good Luck to you and Hank, I look forward to seeing your career and your son grow.

    God Bless you both,

  2. Nate Shenk 30 November, 2012 at 11:08 Reply

    What a great read! It makes me like Kate Earl even more. She seems like a well-grounded individual and it’s completely refreshing to read about a musician with passion about what she does and not about what she get’s in return.

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