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SchoolHouse Wants to Create A Great School in Your Neighborhood

Are you worried that your kids are getting left behind or falling short of their boundless potential? Have you been feeling let down by the schooling options in your area?

Instead of moving to another district, you can join families like yours in Los Angeles who are choosing to create their dream school in their own neighborhood. Believe it or not, it’s possible to create the school you always wished existed, in a matter of days, for less than the cost of the average private school in California. 

Real School, At Home: SchoolHouse

With SchoolHouse you can create your own ‘microschool’ with a real teacher, personalized instruction, and a curriculum that meets your family’s unique needs and values. They match small groups of students with world-class teachers to create schools where every student can thrive.  

In the past year, thousands of families turned to SchoolHouse as an alternative to Zoom school or ad hoc “learning pods” that often relied on parents to do the teaching. What they found is that with SchoolHouse, kids often mastered materials quicker and enjoyed the learning experience more than their regular school. That’s why for many, there’s no going back.

A School Designed for Your Child

Think back to the best educational experience you’ve ever had. Chances are you’re thinking of a teacher. Someone who inspired you, showed you how to love a subject, or just always explained things in a way you could understand. That’s the type of teacher that SchoolHouse want to match with every child. 

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The Right Teacher is Essential

SchoolHouse vets teachers from a diverse range of backgrounds, including private, public, charter, and alternative schools, and selects only the top 7% of those who apply. As a parent, you can hire a teacher that fits your needs, and work with them to customize the curriculum. 

This means if you always wanted to send your child to a Montessori school but there aren’t any in your area, now you can create one. If your child is moving at an accelerated pace, you can make sure they’re always being challenged. And if you’ve ever been frustrated to find out that your child has been having trouble keeping up, now you can know that they’re getting the attention they need, before they end up falling behind.

School May Never Be the Same Again

When you start with a great teacher and give them the freedom to focus on the needs and interests of just a handful of students, the results are remarkable. 

With a maximum 8:1 student to teacher ratio, SchoolHouse enables teachers to move faster or slower, exploring and adjusting with each child, instead of moving at the pace mandated by the administration.  SchoolHouse has found that students progress 50-100% faster through materials than they would prior, far exceeding expectations for academic outcomes when compared to state requirements and grade averages. 

School Just got a Lot More Convenient

If you don’t have access to the kind of school you want, SchoolHouse can provide the tools, administrative support, and guidance you need to create your own. They help match you with other parents, hire the right teacher, and take care of all the legal, regulatory and financial considerations, so getting set up is easy.

SchoolHouse is currently offering tuition credits to families who volunteer their home as a location for classes to take place. If you’re interested in hosting a microschool in your own home, you can earn a credit for one full student’s tuition.

Join Us for Summer and Fall 2021

SchoolHouse is currently expanding in the LA area. Whether you’d like to create a pod with a group of students you already know or join with other families in your area, visit the SchoolHouse website and join the webinar to learn how to find a microschool in your area.

This post is part of a sponsored campaign, written by Brian Tobal, of SchoolHouse. He is a former teacher turned educational technologist who is obsessed with ensuring quality and improving learning outcomes for students. He started his career as a science and technology teacher at the Harlem Children’s Zone, then worked as an educational researcher and has spent the last 10 years building a dozen different learning apps and over 50 educational programs for schools, universities and the enterprise. You can follow him at @briantobal on Twitter.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.