Shopping in My Own Closet – Closet Audit with Amy Brubaker

Most of the clothes in my closet come with a story. Not a story about some crazy adventure I went on while I was wearing them, but a story about the amazing deal I got. Take the suit vest I bought several months ago. It was on sale and looked versatile. Unfortunately, it was so versatile I didn’t know what to do with it so it sat in my closet along with the striped cotton jacket (50 percent off!) and the white pants I bought at Target as part of a Halloween costume.

Then a friend put me in touch with Personal Stylist Amy Brubaker. Amy has spent years dressing women for red carpet events, television and movies. The mother of two recently started her own business, Amy Wardrobe. She offers consultation and closet audits, personal styling, and personal shopping. I asked her if she could come over for a closet audit.


The appointment started with Amy and I getting to know each other. She asked me what my lifestyle was like and a little bit about my style. Then we went to my closet. Normally she would go through each piece in my closet piece by piece and we would decide whether the item was something that should be kept or given away (or sold to consignment, but I can’t see myself doing that). We did a little bit of that, but what I really wanted was for her to help me put outfits together and tell me what I needed to complete my wardrobe.

I can’t say enough good things about the appointment. We went through my dresser drawers and through my closet. She asked me, “Does this fit you now,” “Have you worn this in the last year?” and “Do you see yourself wearing this again?” I filled three bags of clothes to give away of dresses that were ill-fitting, shirts that I hadn’t worn in years, and pants that didn’t fit.

Also gone was anything that aged me, looked like I was wearing the clothes of the teenage daughter I don’t have, or was not flattering. When you’re a deal shopper like I am, you sometimes compromise on fit to get that deal. I’m going to try not to do that again.

The best part of the appointment was when she helped me put outfits together of the clothes that I have and love, but don’t know how to wear. The outfit below was my favorite and I received a lot of compliments throughout that day (which made me question what clothing disasters I had been showing up in earlier that week).


It seemed like an easy enough outfit to put together, but I never would have thought to wear a t-shirt under the vest. She also put together the outfits below. I was nervous about wearing the white pants because they’re so form fitting (they were part of a Princess Leia Halloween costume), but she paired them with my favorite long shirt. The blue jacket has a gray tank top underneath and a big silver necklace.


Amy also recommended having clothes out instead of packed away. In Los Angeles, you can wear sweaters year-round so she taught me how to fold the light sweater (pictured above) so it can hang on a hanger.

There were a couple of wardrobe staples missing from my closet including a chambray shirt and white tshirts. White tshirts can be worn under anything or alone and are inexpensive. She suggested buying a pack of Hanes Men’s V-neck -shirts. Target had white boyfriend-type tshirts on sale so I bought two plus a chambray shirt to wear on cool days over sundresses or tank tops.

I received the closet audit in order to do this review, but I’m going to hire Amy to come back when I have more time to go through the rest of my closet. She did a fantastic job, but almost as important she was a lovely person to spend the afternoon getting to know.



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