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Hot Ticket: Stranger Things Drive-Into Experience for Halloween

We know Halloween is going to be strange this year, but we’re looking for ways it’ll still be fun, and one of the ways to enjoy it will be this cool new event, Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience. It’s coming to Downtown LA this October, but you have to get tickets now.

Tickets go on sale August 26th and we predict they will sell out FAST. It’s priced at $59 per car. So click over and get on the wait list and then set a reminder for 8/26 at 12pm to BUY.

stranger things the drive into experience

Stranger Things Drive-Into Experience

What will the Drive-Into experience be like? First of all, we know it will take place all around our cars, and that we’ll have to remain in them as we drive through it.

Of course we can’t know everything until we see it first hand, but if you’re a fan of the show like us, you can probably guess some of the visuals.

According to their website, the town of Hawkins from 1985 will be re-created in all its glory, and one can imagine the Upside Down will loom large as well.

The event producers are also promising audio and visual effects, so maybe it’s a good thing we’ll be in our cars. (Could get scary.)

In fact, they’re not recommending it for kids under 12. But as always, you know your kids best and can make that call.

The experience is said to last over an hour, which could be just an LA traffic jam waiting to happen, or it could mean that they’re really packing it full of fun.

Whatever it turns out to be like, it’s sure to be one of the strangest (and most entertaining) parts of Halloween 2020.

stranger things poster season 1

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