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Summer’s Hottest Toys: Time To Play Magazine’s Spring 2012 Showcase

Sarah riding a Big Wheel from Time To Play Magazine 2012 Spring Showcase

Summer‘s almost upon us and it’s just about time to take a break from the school routine of homework, carpool and stress. It’s just about time to relax, enjoy, and Play. So I was thrilled to see what Time to Play Magazine had on their list of the Spring & Summer’s Hottest Toys.

Time To Play Magazine from Time To Play Magazine 2012 Spring ShowcaseTime to Play Magazine has got to be the most fun workplace ever: they review Toys. So I imagine they spend all day playing with toys. (I hope I’m right; please don’t tell me if I’m wrong…) And they’re certainly some fun people when you meet them. Chris Byrne, The Toy Guy, is delightful – and since I imagine him spending hours playing with toys, perhaps that is why he’s delightful. (Mental note: play with toys more often, Sarah…)

from Time To Play Magazine 2012 Spring ShowcaseChris Byrne, The Toy Guy from Time To Play Magazine 2012 Spring ShowcaseTime To Play Magazine hosts an annual Spring Showcase where Toy Brands get to meet bloggers and media, and where they announce the Toys that will dominate our Summer. I saw dozens of fun new toys and wanted to mention a few in particular I know my kids will like, and maybe yours will, too.

Zing Toys may be my kids’ favorite already, just from hearing about them. Crossbows, bows & arrows and slingshots: Does it get any better than that for a couple of dudes? I think not. The Air Storm Z-X Cross Bow is at the top of Time To Play’s list – and definitely at the top of my kids’ wish list as well.Zing Toys arsenal from Time To Play Magazine 2012 Spring Showcase

Zing Toys in action with Andrea Fellman of Savvy Sassy Moms from Time To Play Magazine 2012 Spring Showcase

Looks like they're a hit with Bloggers, too (Andrea Fellman of Savvy Sassy Moms)

There are 2 Merida character dolls from Disney/Pixar’s upcoming movie Brave that made the list – and the story is that retailers under-ordered because they felt the character was not pretty enough. I don’t even know what to say to that. If you have an opinion, please share it in the comments below.

Merida from Disney Pixar's Brave from Time To Play Magazine 2012 Spring Showcase

Is this doll pretty enough for you?

Monsuno is a popular toy, with an animated TV show tie-in, and I’m certain it’ll be a hit with the Beyblade, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon crowds.Monsuno toys from Time To Play Magazine 2012 Spring Showcase

A controversial toy made the hot list as well: Lego Friends. Our Contributor Elsie Rivas Gomez wrote about why her daughters wouldn’t be playing with Lego Friends, but apparently lots of other people have been buying them for their daughters, because the toy is a hit.

You can’t ignore the classics in summer, and the Big Wheel is nothing if not classic. In what was surely the highlight of my trip to NYC, I got to ride in a giant Big Wheel, and I can tell you this: if they sold them that size, I would already own one.

Sarah riding a Big Wheel from Time To Play Magazine 2012 Spring Showcase

Check out the whole list on Time To Play Magazine for great Summer Toy ideas.

Sarah Auerswald is a co-Founder of MomsLA, a Community of over 100 of the top Mom Bloggers in Los Angeles. She also blogs about raising and playing with her 2 Tween Boys at Sarah & Sons.

{Full Disclosure: I was a guest of Time to Play Magazine for their Spring 2012 Showcase where they announced their list of Spring & Summer’s Most Wanted Toys.}


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