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The definition of Stepmother is “a woman that your father marries after his marriage to or relationship with your mother has ended.”


I’ve been “that woman,” aka  Stepmother, for the past 13 years. Let me tell you, it can be one of the most challenging jobs there is. It is harder than motherhood in a lot of ways. A lot of little girls grow up saying I can’t wait to be a Mom. Nobody grows up saying, I can’t wait to be a Stepmom!

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A Letter to All Stepmoms on Mother’s Day

But here’s the thing. Mother’s Day IS for you. If you are a Mother to any child, through blood, adoption or marriage you should be celebrated on Mother’s Day. It’s hard work being a mom and each woman deserves a day to be appreciated. Even if your Stepchildren are too young to understand all that you do for them, let me be the one to acknowledge your efforts.

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Mother’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate the special women in our lives. Families are diverse, and if a child doesn’t have a mother in his life, there is most likely another special woman who deserves some special recognition. Here is a list of crafts that children can create for the women who nurture, support, encourage, and love them.

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Afternoon tea is a terrific way to celebrate Mother’s Day or a birthday for a special person in your life. Or how about having a “mommy & me” high tea one of these days? — Just for fun or a nice excuse to play dress-up? Or what if you plan ahead with your close mom friends and celebrate Galentine’s Day?

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