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Child Pornography Outshined By Attachment Parenting

Bravo Time Magazine! You succeeded in causing an uproar about attachment parenting with your shocking cover of Jamie ...
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The Kid’s Alright…And It’s ‘TIME’ To Play Nice!

I am not a psychologist… but I’m married to one. With all the hoopla over the TIME Magazine ...
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Attachment Parenting: How I Made It Work For Me

I was only 25 years old when I had my first of three children. Looking back, that is ...
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Dear Time Magazine, Working Moms Can Attachment Parent Too

So, local mama Jamie Lynne Grumet made the cover of TIME with her nursing child for an article ...
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Blogger On the Cover of Time Magazine Nursing Her 3-Year-Old

MomsLA Contributor Jamie Lynne Grumet is on the cover of Time Magazine this week nursing her 3-year-old son. ...