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Take The Kids Fishing

I spent a magical morning playing hooky with my kids and it was a blast. We skipped school and work and sat on a lake, fishing for (and catching) Largemouth Bass. It was pristine and beautiful, calm and quiet – and we loved every minute.

Did I mention that my kids are teenage boys who normally prefer to spend their leisure time playing video games and watching Youtube videos?

And yet, there we were, having a wonderful time, as a family, in nature. And I think it was my first time catching a fish ever.

Did I mention also that the lake we were on was inside Walt Disney World? And that we were within shouting distance of the Magic Kingdom itself?

It’s true. In fact, there are seven spots in Walt Disney World where you can go fishing.

take me fishing sign at Walt Disney World

So Many Options

There are many boating and fishing activities available to guests at Walt Disney World. My family and I went fishing on a boat that could hold about 8 people, plus there were bigger fishing boats to rent, complete with a fishing guide and all the necessary gear.

You can also go water skiing, drive Sea Raycers, rent a yacht for cruising, and there are multiple options for floating on the lake and watching the evening’s fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom – everything from themed cruise boats for 20-30 people, to an intimate cruise for 8 of your closest friends, like we got to experience one night.

What’s especially nice about the water recreation options at Walt Disney World is just how relaxing they are. Any one of them provide a nice change of pace from the parks, especially if you’re there for a multi-day vacation.

Fishing for Fun and For Good

My kids and I were in Florida last week as guests of the Recreational Boat and Fishing Foundation (RBFF), better known as the people behind the super handy website

Their mission is to increase participation in recreational boating & fishing, and what could be bad about that, right? It gets even better, because it turns out that fishing actually gives back to the environment.

A portion of fishing license sales and fishing gear manufacturers’ excise taxes go to preserve and restore waterways, thus helping keep waterways healthy for fish and wildlife. and are free resources for everything from how to get started fishing to how to cook what you catch.

Bringing the Fun Home

My kids and I are – wait for it – hooked on fishing now, so we’ll be exploring how and where we can fish here in California. And we’re looking forward to it. We’ll be researching how to get our fishing licenses, finding the best local spots in LA, and the best spots all over California. Let us know if you have any great tips about where to go in the comments.

And in the meantime, let me leave you with this Pro Tip from my 13-year-old about how to take great photos of your fish: Use Perspective to your Advantage. The closer you hold it to the lens, the bigger your fish will appear.

Take a look at my fish catch again – and the “actual size” next to it. You’re welcome.

pro tip for taking good photos of the fish you catch

Sarah Auerswald is the co-Founder of She and her sons were guests of RBFF for a fishing trip to Walt Disney World. All opinions of the trip are her own. All the fish we caught we released afterwards.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.