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Teacher Appreciation #TeachersChangeLives

Teacher Appreciation Week was two weeks ago and I was out of town, so I did not get to deliver a gift to my son’s teacher like I usually do. Sure, I could have arranged for something to be done while I was away, but I… didn’t. I fell down on the job.

Luckily, a gift can be delivered anytime. And luckily for me, my son’s teacher is a gracious woman as well as an amazing teacher, so when I brought her some school supplies from Office Depot this week, she didn’t question my lateness, she just said Thank You.

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Turns out she really, really loves these colored pens, which she uses to correct the kids’ homework. So she was thrilled to see them.

And this rolling cart will come in very handy, she said, with all the supplies she brings in to school every day.

rolling cart for a teacher
A rolling cart can be a very handy gift for a teacher

And although it might look plain and not like the most exciting of the supplies pictures, the ream of white copy paper may in fact be the most helpful, since our school had to restrict the teachers’ ability to make copies due to budget cuts. With her own paper supply, she’ll be able to make copies for the class for the rest of the school year. Awesome!

And my son had a ball helping me open the box!

Office Depot has all kinds of supplies teachers and students need every day, and their partnership with makes it easy for people to donate to classrooms in need all over the US. By making a donation to, you’ll be participating in the REAL Change Project, and you can help spread the word to other parents at your school, or to anyone you know who wants to help support schools, by checking out the resources here on the Office Depot Real Change wesbite.

Each Summer I start shopping for Back-To-School basics for my kids, and Office Depot can always be counted on to have every item they need, usually at a great sale price. There’s one in my neighborhood and I go there so often, the manager is starting to recognize me!

They also have a program called Star Teacher, which offers teachers a rebate: money back on their purchases of supplies like ink, paper and copies, and bonus rebate opportunities throughout the year.

I support the women and men who teach our children and who work hard every day in classrooms all over America, and I think it’s great when a company like Office Depot does, too.

Sarah Auerswald is the CEO and co-Founder of MomsLA.

{Full Disclosure: I am an Office Depot REAL Change blog ambassador. This post is part of a campaign where I was compensated for my time. To learn more about REAL Change, visit their website.}

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Sarah Auerswald

Thursday 25th of September 2014

Hi Norma, it's the Ativa Mobil IT Ultimate Workmate and here's a link to it on Office Depot's website:

Thanks for reading MomsLA! ~Sarah

Norma Martinez

Friday 26th of September 2014

Thanks so very much! I am an ELL teacher and this year we are going to full inclusion so now I have to pack up my classroom! This item will be perfect!

I am grateful to see that there are awesome parents like yourself supporting educators across the nation! Your acts of kindness mean so much!

Thanks again!


Norma Martinez

Thursday 25th of September 2014

Saw this on Pinterest and I love this cart! Can you please tell me the exact name of the rolling cart so I may order one as well! I would greatly appreciate it!

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