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Temecula Wine Country and Rock and Roll Half Marathon


It’s not the best idea in the world to do two half marathons three weeks apart, but I did it anyway. Both races – The Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon and the Temecula Wine Country Half Marathon – were fun and challenging in their own ways.

The Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon was the Sunday before Halloween and it began and ended in  Downtown Los Angeles. I took the Metro from Culver City along with dozens of other runners and the train dropped us off very close to the start line, which was perfect. Because it was Halloween, there were many people in costume. These two ladies were my favorite.


The race started as the sun was coming up. StartIt was a nice course that went from LA Live past the California Science Center to Boyle Heights and back to LA Live. There were some hills, but not too bad.

ViewFromBridgeThis being LA, it was a lovely day. The last race I did downtown was the LA Marathon in March and this race wasn’t quite as scenic, but the spot above was pretty amazing. The Rock n’ Roll races are fun because there are bands along the course. It definitely helped near the end of the race. I finished the race in 2:16. Not great, but I did have another half to do in November.

The Temecula Wine Country Half Marathon was on Nov. 15 and it was part of the Destination Races Wine Country series. It was the first one in Temecula and it was very small, which was a nice change.


It started and ended at the South Coast Winery Resort and Spa and began as balloons were taking off nearby.


I had no idea how beautiful it was in Temecula. We ran down country roads and breathed in clean air. It was so lovely it almost made up for how hilly it was. Almost. I was running with my friend, Jae Wu, who wanted to do the race in under 2 hours. I said, “absolutely not!” until race morning when I said, “okay, I’ll try.” We were doing a 9 to 9.5 minute mile until the end when there were so many hills. The last mile was mostly uphill and it was a struggle. We finished in 2:10, which was a personal best for us both (my nike+ said 2:07). It was fun, but next time I’ll train harder on hills.

The best part of the race was the end when we received the fabulous wine medal and…


the wine glass we were given and got to use for wine tasting after the race (and after drinking plenty of water).


We did the race with two other runners and stayed in a rented house. It was gorgeous, too.


I’m excited to sign up for another race after finishing up those two. I’ll be looking for a race a flat course this time.

Disclosure: I was given a free entry to the Rock ‘n Roll and I paid for Temecula. All opinions are my own.



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