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I was about a week into the Whole Life Challenge when I discovered that The Counter in Westfield Century City mall had closed. The Whole Life Challenge is a healthy living online challenge played with friends. I was giving up bread, pasta, sugar, and dairy and all I could think about was The Counter and it’s perfect-for-any-diet menu. Then, during week 5 of the challenge, my family and I were invited to The Counter in El Segundo. It was perfect. For the first time in weeks, I wasn’t hungry.


The thing I love about The Counter is that you can get what you want the way that you want it. It’s a burger place, but so much more. You can order from an amazing hamburger and salad menu or you can make a burger to order. The Counter offers Hormone and Antibiotic-free Beef, Organic Bison, Natural Chicken and Turkey, hand cut Ahi Tuna, and housemade Vegan Veggie Burgers. 

My turkey burger had sundried tomatoes, bacon, hardboiled eggs, avocado, and quinoa over organic mixed greens with a sundried tomato dressing. It was delightful.

My husband had a turkey burger with everything but the kitchen sink including pesto, sprouts, cheese, and roasted peppers over spinach. He has Celiac and needs to be gluten free so he also ordered an Omission Ale, our favorite gluten free beer that happens to be offered at The Counter.


My boys always get the same thing which was the kids meal of two sliders and fries. They are almost ready to graduate to the adult menu, but they love the sliders.


They shared a birthday cake shake while my husband and I shared sweet potato fries (also on the Whole Life Challenge).


Even if you’re not on a special diet, The Counter menu is packed with fun things to order. You can build your own grilled cheese, create a specialty milkshake or have a delicious ice cream sandwich. It’s great for families or for anyone who loves a good quality burger or sandwich.

We were so hungry when we went to The Counter (I did a long run that morning and my boys were helping out the elementary school) that I forgot to take pictures of the inside and of our waiter. It’s a fun and open location and the servers and manager were very nice. Everything came out in a timely manner and was cooked perfectly. Since then, we’ve dine at The Counter in Santa Monica (it’s a smaller location) and had the same experience. We love them all and will be back.

Disclosure: We were given free lunch for review purposes. All opinions are my own including that we love The Counter and dine there often. 



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