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Take a look at some of the things we love here at MomsLA and feel free to shop ’til you drop! We have affiliate links in these items and we’ll get paid a small percentage by the companies if you buy anything through this page. We promise we’ll only post things here we actually love or that we think you’ll love. Happy Shopping!


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Both of us love the Nutribullet. At my house, it get used every day for protein powder smoothies – and sometimes milkshakes. In fact, since my son is going off to college, he asked for one of his own to take with him! – Sarah Here’s a shot of Yvonne’s Nutribullet in action!



I bake a lot of cookies; some are for my family and some are for all the community meetings I attend (long story). So I need really good cookie sheets. I have always loved the Airbake brand, but I’m also interested in the Good Grips non-stick, because no one wants their cookies to stick. – Sarah (These are some delicious-looking cookies Yvonne baked for a recipe post.)

How about these fabulous hangers?

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We both love to read, and we love to read lots of different kinds of books. Sarah tends to lean more towards non-fiction and (yes) self-help books. Yvonne is really good at picking novels. Here are a few we’re loving right now.

Sarah’s picks:

I have found this woman, Byron Katie, to be a true spiritual teacher for me, and I recommend her work to people who are open to this sort of thing.

I discovered Eckhart Tolle through Oprah, and while this book is not as easy to get into as others I’ve read, I still found it valuable.

This book is so fascinating! I loved reading about how marketers tap into the way we think to sell us products and just how much we love our routines.

I was in love with this book from the minute I read the title:

This book by Dr. Christiane Northrup is a must-have resource for women of any age:

And this book by the same author is an amazing resource for women who are experiencing Menopause.

I’ve always loved this book about writing by Anne Lamott:

I got to try a sample of the Neutrogena Hydro boost line this Spring and I was certainly willing to give it a try, but I didn’t have high hopes. In general, I have found that face lotion is face lotion. But I was wrong – this stuff is great! I am in love with this. My skin feels soft and smooth when I use it – and I love the scent. I also love that it’s available at a reasonable price, because I have used up my free samples and bought my own. The lotion even has SPF 15. I use the night cream, the daytime lotion, the eye cream, and the face cleanser. You can them for real in my bathroom. Highly recommend. – Sarah

Neutrogena Hydroboost line in Sarah's bathroom

I’ve been determined to find wedges that are comfortable and cute, but not too high and not too heavy. The ones below are my favorite. – Yvonne

These Clark Wedge Sandals have 4.5 stars and look super cute and comfortable. They come in many colors, but I like the black ones below.

I’m in love with the Seychelles shoes. Cute design and they’re a good red!

I love these Tahari sandals so much! Especially the touch of silver.

These Stewart Weitzman Shoes are gorgeous! They also come in black.

These are the perfect shoes to go from day to night.

We love to shop, but let’s face facts: there’s not always enough time in the day. So we also love convenience. Enter Stitch Fix, which brings new clothes right to your mailbox. You spend some time setting up your profile with what kind of things you like and what you’re looking for, and then the stylists at Stitch Fix send you a box of what they think you’ll like. Keep what you like, send back what you don’t. Easy Peasy! – Sarah

I recently bought this dress twice on Amazon; same dress – in two colors, by the way – and I love them. They are super comfy, perfect for hanging around the house or cute enough for hanging around with your friends. Nice price, too. – Sarah

I have the Fitbit Alta HR and I’ve worn it every day since I got it (I was given one, but I’ve had Fitbits for years. Here’s my review). I’m obsessed with this one. It tracks Heart Rate, Sleep and so much more. – Yvonne


This charger is amazing. I use it any time I’m going to be out all day or I’m traveling. It can fully charge my iPhone 6s more than once before it needs a recharge. It’s a little heavy, but worth it. – Yvonne

Love this iClever Boost Strip.

Such a deal on this ASUS Chromebook! Only $149!

I don’t know about your house, but around here Legos are a big hit. I know my son wants all these Lego sets.


Whether you’re traveling to Los Angeles or you live here, the Go City Card offers a way to see the hottest attractions while spending less money. Gotta love a bargain!


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