Starting today, Toms products will be in Target stores across the country. When you buy Toms shoes, scarves, t-shirts, etc. someone in the United States will get a blankets, a week of meals, or shoes.



Toms has done this before by giving a pair of shoes to a child in need every time a pair of Toms was sold. Then the program expanded to eyeglasses. It’s the same idea with the Target products except this time they’re giving away meals and blankets, and also shoes to families in need.

I learned this last week during a shopping event in Culver City to kick off the program. It was one of the most interesting nights I’ve had since moving to Los Angeles. There were celebrities, clothes to buy for altruistic purposes, and really good food.



Hot chocolate bar toppings

It was interesting because it was a shopping event for charity that appeared to cost a lot of money. The space was fabulous and done up like the hippest Target ever made. The band Dawes played and celebrities walked the room like Sarah Hyland (Haley on Modern Family) and Jennifer Garner (I didn’t actually see her, but I saw pictures on Twitter after the event). My boys had a great time in the craft area while I shopped for gifts.

Toms_gloves_shirts_Target-Event Target_frame Toms_glass_water_bottle_Target-Event


When I went to pay for my items – all priced around $15 – I clicked a counter that was tallying up how many items had been sold. When I left, which was right as Tom’s founder, Blake Mycoskie, spoke, it was at 344 items sold. That didn’t seem like that much until Mycoskie said that the event provided 11 million meals, shoes and blankets to Americans in need. Impressive for one night.

I bought some items there, but I will definitely go into Target and get the tshirt I didn’t by myself at the event. It’s a great way to buy holiday presents for your loved ones and yourself while feeling good that you’re helping someone else. Tree_Target-Event

My boys and I had a lot of fun, especially making this little video. 


Disclosure: I don’t have one. I drank hot chocolate (possibly more than my share) and bought Tom’s product just like everyone else.




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