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Top 5 Ways Not to Get in a Fight with Your Partner This Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Box of Candy

Valentine's Day Box of Candy

If you’re like me and think Valentine’s Day is an overpriced, commercial holiday that sets up unreal expectations of romantic bliss, here are a few ways to help you get through this very long day.

1) Know your Audience. If she’s on a diet, don’t get her a box of candy. It’s February and a lot of people are still trying to shed the few extra pounds they gained over the holidays. If you cause her to break her diet, she’ll hate you.
2) Flattery will get you everywhere. Try to know your partner’s size. She can always return it, but she can’t return the embarrassment of getting an extra large sweater when she’s a medium.
3) Make a fuss. Don’t say, Oh, I thought you would want to stay in and make dinner for the kids. Do something special. That could be picking up takeout, making dinner TOGETHER, or going out as a family.
4) Put yourself in her shoes. If she likes silver jewelry, don’t get her gold. If she’s hates classical music, don’t get her tickets to the symphony.
5) Know your budget. You don’t want to stress yourself and your partner out by spending beyond your means. Be reasonable or don’t buy anything at all. A heartfelt handwritten note can be the best.

Here’s what Sarah and I think of Valentine’s Day.

If you need a break for Valentine’s Day or any day with your special someone, how about entering into this contest for a date night! 


Yvonne Condes is the Editor and co-Founder of MomsLA.com, a community of Top Mom Bloggers in Los Angeles and Southern California.


Yvonne Condes (756 Posts)

Yvonne Condes is the Editor and Co-Founder of MomsLA.com. She is a Los Angeles Mom of 2, former newspaper reporter, and occasional marathoner. Also find her at her personal Latina blog YvonneInLA.com and @YvonneInLA and MomsLA.


  1. silvia 14 February, 2013 at 15:39 Reply

    LOL it was so nice to see you on video! What I like the most about Valentine´s Day is the v-cards I get from my kids, 🙂

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