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What is an L.A. Woman

This is a guest post by Yolanda Machado. 

I am a native Angeleno.

I am also a plus size mama.

The truth is what I look like, is so far from the L.A. woman “image,” you know, the beautiful, tiny blonde barbie image. No offense to you tiny blondes out there…but when the world thinks of an image of a Los Angeles woman they usually picture:

And there is nothing wrong about that….except the fact that most of L.A. women? Yea…we would have to eat a tic tac a day in order to look like that. Yet THAT is the image I grew up thinking was what I was supposed to look like cause I was an L.A. woman.

No freaking way.

I have struggled with weight issues (in fact, you can read about it HERE)…but the truth is, once I got THAT image out of my head, my eyes opened up and I saw I wasn’t alone. In fact, the tiny blonde L.A. girl is the minority and the real L.A. women-women who had children, women who ate a full meal and dessert, smart women, funny women, talented women…they were of all sizes and shapes.

What defines an L.A. woman isn’t what she looks like, nor the color of her hair or how she wears a bikini. No, what defines an L.A. woman is an attitude that she can do it all. She can be a mom, business woman, and baking cookies for the PTA bake sale. She knows what restaurants are hot in Beverly Hills, or where to get the best cup of coffee in Silver Lake. She knows which charter school you should send your kid to in the Valley and what shops you should hit at Santee Alley in the Fashion District. She knows when to avoid the 405 (always) and sometimes, it does pay to go metro.

She is L.A., she is you and me, and you know what? L.A. is lucky to have us.

Yolanda Machado is a do it all kinda girl. She is a mom blogger, works full time, goes to school, manages a household (the man, a daughter and two cats) and sometimes she has a social life- sometimes.




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