This chicken, avocado and roasted cauliflower salad recipe is great for the whole life challenge. #wholelifechallenge #avocado #salad

The Whole Life Challenge 

At the beginning of the year, I had decided to do the Whole 30 again to make up for all of the bad choices I made in December. The Whole 30 is a challenge to stay away from sugar, grains, dairy, alcohol, and legumes among other things. I did it last year with the CrossFit I belong to and I had great results.

This chicken avocado salad recipe is great for the whole life challenge. #wholelifechallenge #avocado #salad

Chicken, avocado and roasted cauliflower salad.

January 1st rolled around and I wasn’t quite ready to start the plan again. I decided to start the next Monday….and then the next Monday. Finally on January 25th I came to the realization that I can’t do it by myself. So I joined up (late) with my Crossfit gym to do the Whole Life Challenge. It sounds similar, but it is very different.

For one thing, it’s for 56 days instead of 30, which is a big commitment. But the good thing about is that you can pick one of three diet plans that works for you. They are Performance, Lifestyle, and Kickstart.

Kickstart eliminates bread, sugar, and limits alcohol to one drink a day.

Lifestyle eliminates bread, sugar, all dairy except yogurt, and limits alcohol to one drink a week.

Performance is like the Whole 30 and it eliminates bread, all dairy, legumes, potatoes and corn.

I’m doing the Lifestyle plan and the thing I love about it is that I can still have oatmeal, quinoa, and sweet potatoes fries. It’s been manageable so far (but no one has offered me a cookie yet!).

Another thing I like about is the thing I dreaded most; I have to register my progress online every night and add a reflection on a private group board with my team.

At first I thought, “the last thing I need is do is to find another way to share my thoughts on the internet,” but it’s actually been really helpful. You get points for every part of the challenge that you do for the day including your nutrition, exercise, and reflection.

The points are for you and for your team. The team then cheers each other on or makes funny comments when you cheat or feel terrible that you can’t have a donut.

The challenge actually started on January 17, but I’m five days in. It cost me $49 to do the challenge because I registered late. If you do the May challenge it’s $39 if you register before April 15.

The real challenge will come while we’re watching the big game on Sunday and there are chips, dip, and football shaped cookies. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Update: The challenge is over and it went really well. I mostly followed the plan and I feel good, healthier and leaner. 



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