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After the turkey is eaten and the Black Friday deals at the Mall have run out, Small Business Saturday begins. And one place it’s happening in a huge way is at Make It Mar Vista – click over to read about all the activities and fun happening this Saturday 11/28.

Make it Mar Vista stores-collageWhy is it important to shop at your local small businesses at the holidays, especially?

For one thing, the small businesses in your neighborhood are owned by your friends and neighbors, so the money you spend there supports the very community you live in.

Shopping local is Greener. The less we need to drive to get what we need at a store, the better. It’s convenient and saves on fuel costs.

At the holidays especially, you’ll be able to give unique gifts, because your local store is more likely to have an interesting, one-of-a-kind product line, and don’t we all want that?

You’re supporting a passionate Entrepreneur. Can you imagine what it takes to open a store or restaurant, especially in Los Angeles? Guts and drive, that’s for sure. So think about that when you’re heading out shopping or dining.

The numbers vary depending on the economist you hear from, but they all agree that shopping local keeps the majority of that money in your community. Local business owners shop local, too. And depending on what your City’s regulations are, some of those tax revenues also stay local.

Not to mention philanthropic contributions. Local businesses are more likely to support local schools and non-profits because they feel a certain connection to their community. That makes shopping local a win-win-win.

Sarah Auerswald is the co-Founder of and is the event producer of Make It Mar Vista.



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