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The A to Z List of a Mom’s Jobs

The A to Z list of Mom blogs

Most moms will tell you they’re tired. They’ll tell you that they have too much to do and not enough time to do it all. And they’re right. A mom’s jobs are endless; it’s a list that encompasses the entire alphabet.

The A to Z list of Mom jobs

Affection dispenser. Hugs and kisses, high-fives, shoulder rubs, pats on the head.

B Bookkeeper. Including comparison shopping, writing bills, and budgeting for family expenses.

C Chauffeur. To and from school, extracurricular activities, play dates, haircuts, and appointments.

D Dietician. The person who is the meal planner and chef. As well as the person who decides when to dole out sweet (or salty) treats (and how many).

E Educator. In academics, behaviors, social skills. Parents are a child’s first teachers and they are a child’s teachers forever.

F Fun-provider. When the chores don’t want to get done, leave it to mom to turn it into a game, sing a silly song, or figure out a fun way to pass the time when you’re in the doctor’s exam room.

G Gardener. Maintaining the plants and flowers that beautify our home, inside and out. 

H Historian. The person who doesn’t just take the photos but prints them out, dates them, and stores them in photo albums. The person who updates picture frames around the house with current family photos.

I Interior decorator. Leave it to moms to decide on color themes for the kitchen or to pick out the knick-knacks and accessories that turn a house into a home.

J Janitor. Milk spills, vomit, urine, crumbs, fingerprints, paint, chalk. The list goes on, and moms figure out a way to clean it all up.

K Kitchen hand. It’s not just cooking. There are the before-meal-preparations, the clean-up, the loading and unloading of the dishwasher. The inventory of kitchen cupboards before grocery shopping, the unloading of groceries, and the packing of lunches and snacks.

L Librarian. The person who arranges trips to the book store and public library. The person who reads books at home, changing my voice to make the story come alive. The person who tries to find the “perfect book” to complement what my son is learning at school, a question he’s asked, or a milestone he’s achieved.

M is for Mommy - The A to Z list of mom jobs

N Nurse. When a child doesn’t feel well, only mommy will do. Only mommy knows how to try and make things better.

O Overseer. The person in charge. The one who calls the shots.

P Psychologist. When a child won’t tell you what’s wrong, it’s up to mommy to try and figure it out. It’s up to mommy to try and get kids to talk it out and “use their words.”

Q Quiet-monitor. The person on “noise-patrol,” making sure “quiet voices” are being used inside the museum and at the library.

R Researcher. When a child asks a question, moms can turn to the magic of the internet to find the answer to explain how wind forms or how far away the Moon is from the Earth.

S Special Events Coordinator. Holiday dinner, first day of school celebrations, birthday parties. Food, silverware, gifts, and decorations. Mom has it covered.

T Time keeper. Mom keeps track, making sure everyone is taking care of their morning routine. Mom keeps track, letting kids know how many more minutes of play time before it’s time to come in for dinner.

U Umpire. Moms mediate tensions between siblings, playmates, and relatives. And when need be, moms can call for a time-out.

V Ventriloquist. For younger kids, moms don’t have to worry too much if their lips move. But there’s a certain magic that happens when Elmo reminds a child to brush his teeth. Suddenly, your child isn’t fighting Elmo the way he would have fought Mom.

W Worker-of-all-trades. Untie knotted shoe laces, fix stuck zippers, repair ripped books, locate missing puzzle pieces, read this book, sing this song. Moms do it all.

X X-ray Technician. Even without the fancy machine, moms know when a child isn’t feeling well, when something is bothering her child, or simply when a look on a child’s face means someone has been mischievous.

Y Yard supervisor. Checking the playground for obstacles. Watching that children are taking turns and following the rules. And making sure no one is putting anything in their mouth that shouldn’t be put there. 

Z Zen master. Moms are expected to remain calm no matter what. And for the most part, we do.



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  1. JOHN BORAK 8 May, 2019 at 11:36 Reply

    Another great article. Thank you! As I thought of my own Mom’s duties, one thing that stood out is I expected her (and my father, too) to be omniscient. I somehow managed to grow up believing all adults — especially parents! — always know just the right things to do and how to do them. And then I became a step-father…

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