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10 Fun Geocaching Spots in Los Angeles

If you’re not familiar with it, “Geocaching” is a high-tech version of a treasure hunt. It is GPS-based, involves using a free app, and allows families to participate in the “world’s largest treasure hunt.”

Once you’ve created your free account on, you’re ready to start exploring. The object is to discover “caches” which are containers holding knick-knacks, coins from around the world, and more. You may take one item from the cache, but be sure to leave another one in its place. And don’t forget to sign the logbook.

This is a fun family-friendly activity to do. Plus, it’s all outside, and gets you moving while exploring new neighborhoods. Keep your eyes open – some treasures are hidden in plain sight while others are more cleverly camouflaged. 

We’ve made a list of 10 fun places around Los Angeles to help get you started.

sculptures of Mammoths at the La Brea tar pits text 10 spots for geocaching in LA

10 Geocaches in Los Angeles

Picture Perfect Hollywood Sign

Play tourist in our own city. Go exploring for this cache and while you’re at it, your family will be in perfect position for some incredible shots near the Hollywood Sign. 

Bedford Falls

This particular location is one you may already be familiar with and didn’t even realize it. Back in 1949 this particular area stood in for the town of Bedford falls in the movie It’s a Wonderful Life. 

Travel Town

Over the years, you may have visited Travel Town quite a lot. But, did you ever take the time to go on a treasure hunt? Enjoy the locomotives on display and keep your eyes open for a cache while you’re there!

La Brea Tar Pits mammoth stuck in tar
La Brea Tar Pits, site of a hidden geocache

That Black Gooey Smelly Stuff

“That Black Gooey Smelly Stuff” is also know as tar, specifically at the La Brea Tar Pits. Explore the Tar Pits, notice what you see, smell, hear, and don’t forget to keep your eyes out for the cache hidden here.

Bronson Watering Hole

Nearby famous Paramount Studios you’ll find the Bronson Watering Hole. This is a small one, so don’t miss it.

Pio Pico Mansion

“Pio Pico State Historic Park is the site of ‘El Ranchito,’ also known as the Pio Pico Adobe or Pio Pico Mansion, the final home of Pio Pico, the last Governor of Alta California under Mexican Rule and a pivotal figure in early California history.” This site allows you to sneak in a mini-California history lesson as well!

Griffith Park Observatory
Griffith Park Observatory

I Love Griffith Park

You’ve probably spent a lot of time in Griffith Park, but you may not be aware of all the treasures that are hidden here. Be careful, though, the description for this location warns visitors to enjoy the rose bushes but watch out for thorns.

Shakespeare Bridge

First built in 1926, the Shakespeare Bridge is distinctive because of its Gothic towers and arches. What treasures await here near this bridge which crosses Franklin Avenue?

A Portal to the Past

This cache is located near Old Town Pasadena. What will you and your family find here?

Helms Bakery

If you’re not familiar with it, the Helms Bakery is often fondly remembered by locals and is found in Culver City. This is a two-for-one cache, because it also has a virtual component.

Wendy Kennar is a mother, writer, and former teacher who has lived her entire life in the same Los Angeles zip code. You can read more from Wendy at her website where she writes about books, boys, and bodies (living with an invisible disability).

geocaching in los angeles la brea tar pits

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