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Thanksgiving is just as much about the food as it is about the people you share it with. So, if you’d rather focus on family and friends and not the shopping, preparation, and clean-up that goes hand-in-hand with Thanksgiving Dinner, you’re in luck. There are many Los Angeles-area restaurants serving memorable Thanksgiving meals.

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Thanksgiving is a time to gather with family and friends, express gratitude, and indulge in a delicious feast. While the turkey may be the centerpiece of the meal, the side dishes are what truly make it memorable.

From creamy mashed potatoes to tangy cranberry sauce, Thanksgiving dinner side dishes are the perfect complement to the main course, and a terrific excuse to try a new recipe!

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Thanksgiving is a special time to gather with your loved ones and enjoy a delicious meal. And this annual feast wouldn’t be complete without dessert, featuring a couple of delicious pies, of course!

Pies are the perfect way to end a Thanksgiving meal, and if you’re ready to make your own this year, we want to help. We’ve gathered over 35 recipes from the best food bloggers on the Internet for you to choose from.

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