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Best Cherry Picking Farms Near Los Angeles 2024

Updated for 2024

Have you ever taken your family to pick cherries? Cherry-picking is one way to have a great family adventure, and also end up with delicious treats to eat afterward. Scroll down to find recipes that use those cherries!

There are several cherry farms in Leona Valley that allow you to pick your own fruit. There’s no place like Leona Valley; it’s part of LA County, close to Santa Clarita and Palmdale, and an easy drive from Los Angeles.

When is Cherry Picking Season?

Cherry season in California happens every spring, usually at the end of April or the beginning of May, and each year it’s a bit different, so double-check with each farm before you go. Because the season is short, once you find out it’s time for cherry-picking you’ll need to get to the farm soon.

Cherry Picking Season in Southern California is usually in May and June. Check with each farm on this list to find out their start date for sure. And have fun! Leona Valley Cherry Picking is a super fun, unique activity we get to claim as our own, SoCal, so enjoy!

Each farm or cherry orchard listed will have contact info for you to call or email, or you can follow them on their social media channels to check when they’re going to be open.

bowl of cherries on a white background

Google Map of Los Angeles Cherry Picking Farms — Cherry Picking Near Me

Have you been searching, “Where’s the best Cherry Picking near me?” We have got you covered with this awesome map! Check it out!

Know Before You Go

Cherry season is very short. Therefore, it’s a really smart idea to sign up for a farm’s email list, or follow them on social media, to find out when to visit for your U-Pick cherry adventure!

Each Farm should also be able to tell you when they are picked out or sold out.

Each farm has its own rules about how you are allowed to pick cherries, whether you can bring a picnic, and if they accept cash or credit cards.

Each cherry orchard can also tell you whether they charge for parking or if it’s free and if you should bring your own bucket or if they’ll provide one for you. In short, do your research before you make the drive so you won’t be surprised when you arrive.

fresh cherries in enamel kitchenware on wooden background

Types of Cherries Grown in Southern California

Farmers in the Leona Valley have been growing cherries for 50 years, and the region is known for several varieties of cherries:

  • Bing Cherries — the most prevalent kind in California, sweet
  • Brooks Cherries — a sweet variety
  • Burlat Cherries — an early sweet variety
  • Lapin Cherries — a dark, large, sweet variety
  • Montmorency Cherries — a variety of sour cherry
  • Rainer Cherries — a yellow niche variety with a red blush
  • Skeena Cherries — considered a late-season cherry
  • Stella Cherries — a bright red variety
  • Tartarian Cherries — a sweet dark variety
  • Tulare Cherries — a large, dark red variety, not quite as firm as Bing, a bit tart, but still sweet
  • Van Cherries — a dark, sweet, mid-season variety

Cherry Parade and Festival

Each year on the first Saturday in June, the Leona Valley Improvement Association, an all-volunteer non-profit organization, hosts its annual Cherry Parade and Festival. It sounds like something you do not want to miss!

Besides the parade, there’s a craft market, food vendors, live music, cherry queens, a car show, a cherry pie eating contest (because, of course, there is!), and something we’re dying to try: a deep-fried cherry burrito!

fresh cherries spilled on wooden table

Farms for Cherry Picking in SoCal

Cherries LA by Tenerelli Orchards (Also known as Peaches LA)
8255 E. Avenue U, Littlerock, CA 93543 

Welcome to Cherries La by Tenerelli Orchards! Situated amidst the scenic beauty of Little Rock, California, just an hour north of Los Angeles, Cherries LA offers a unique U-pick experience. Their innovative KGB pruning system ensures effortless cherry-picking for all, enhancing both the experience and the health of their trees.

With three cherry varieties, their season is set to begin on June 7th, extending until the first week of July. Each variety boasts its own distinct taste profile and their friendly staff are dedicated to educating visitors on their nuances. You can reserve your spot at Cherries LA through their website. They recommend closed-toe shoes, hats, and sunscreen for your comfort. Unfortunately, pets cannot join the fun.

Cherry Hill Farm
39300 Bouquet Canyon Rd., Leona Valley, CA 93551

[email protected]

Fruits they grow: Burlat cherries and Brooks Cherries, and they also sell honey and handmade soap.

They accept cash only, and they recommend bringing along a cooler to store the cherries you pick if your drive back home is a long one — it’s best to keep them cool. They also ask that you don’t bring your dog.

Sweet Pearl Cherries from Full Moon Cherries
Sweet Pearl Cherries, courtesy of Full Moon Cherries

Full Moon Cherries
39734 87th St. W., Leona Valley, CA 93551
[email protected]

Fruits they grow: Pearl cherries and they sell local honey.

They accept cash only and ask that you not bring dogs to the orchard. They do allow wedding pictures to be taken on the farm.

7651 E. Avenue U, Littlerock, CA 93543
(661) 944-9903
[email protected]

Fruits they grow: Rainier cherries, Bing cherries, Lapin cherries, and Brooks cherries.

They ask that you do not bring dogs to the orchard. JLFarms opened on June 8th for the season and hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. The picking season lasts about three weeks.

Mustang Ranch Cherry Orchard
40206 Mustang Rd., Leona Valley, CA 93551
[email protected]

Fruits they grow: Bing cherries, Brooks cherries, and Lapin cherries.

They have a picnic area and are open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Rolling Thunder Ranch
10254 Leona Ave., Leona Valley, CA 93551
(661) 270-9688
[email protected]

Fruits they grow: Rainier cherries, Bing cherries, and Skeena cherries. They also sell honey and their famous Cherry Lavender Sweet Tea.

Their farm has animals you and your kids may enjoy seeing and taking pictures with, too. Note that they accept CASH only, and ask that you don’t bring your pets.

Villa del Sol Sweet Cherry Farms
6989 Elizabeth Lake Rd., Leona Valley, CA 93551
(661) 270-1356
[email protected]

Fruits they grow: Bing cherries, Brooks cherries, Rainer cherries, and Tulare cherries, and they also sell honey.

Note: They ask you not to bring dogs to the orchard. They accept cash and credit cards.

Windy Ridge Ranch
9811 Leona Ave., Leona Valley, CA 93551
(661) 270-9106

Fruits they grow: Bing cherries, Rainier cherries, Asian pears, Gala apples, and plums.

They have a picnic area and a tram ride to the orchard. Check with them for all the different growing and picking seasons.

Cherry Tree in Bloom, with chickens, photo courtesy of Full Moon Cherries
Cherry Tree in Bloom, with chickens, photo courtesy of Full Moon Cherries

Cherry Orchards in Riverside County

Guldseth Cherry Orchard
9150 Whispering Pines Rd., Cherry Valley, CA 92223
(951) 845-2490

Fruits they grow: Bing cherries, Lambert cherries, Royal Ann cherries, Hardy Giant cherries, Rainier cherries, Van cherries, and Tartarian cherries, as well as stone fruit, vegetables, and walnuts.

They accept cash and credit cards.

B&R Cherry Orchard
1106 E. 11th St., Beaumont, CA 92223
(951) 845-1548

Fruit they grow: Rainier cherries.

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cherry pie on a table
Cherry pie, ready to eat

Cherry Recipes

If you can keep yourself from eating the delicious cherries you’ve picked right out of the bucket on the way home, you can try one of these amazing recipes we found. Whether you want to make something sweet or savory, there are plenty of recipes to try:

  • Make this Fresh Cherry Cobbler from AllRecipes — This recipe calls for fresh cherries, which are what you’ll have after visiting these farms. All it takes is time to pit them!
  • Try this Cherry Cheesecake from the Kitchn — The photos make this look like perfection, and we’re sure that no matter what yours looks like, it’ll be delish!

Whatever you make with your fresh cherries, we hope you enjoy!

3 perfect cherries white background

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