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What to Eat at Dodger Stadium

What could be better than sitting in the sunshine watching a baseball game? Watching a baseball game at Dodger Stadium while eating a chicken and waffle sandwich. MomsLA attended to a preview event to try dishes cooked up by Executive Chef Ryan Evans.

Chicken and Waffle Sammy at Dodger Stadium. #Gododgers #dodgers #baseball #ballparkfood #chickenandwaffles

Evans said his goal in creating items for the stadium was to make delicious food that represents the flavor of Los Angeles. You’ll find a lot that you and your kids will want to eat and for most dietary restrictions – from vegetarian to vegan to gluten free (see the list at the bottom on where to find GF, Veg, V at the stadium). Here is some of the featured deliciousness that we tried. You can find it at Reserve 12 and Field 8.


Cheet-o-lote, roasted sweet corn rolled in Flamin' hot Cheetos, at Dodger Stadium. #Gododgers #dodgers #baseball #ballparkfood #flaminhotcheetos

The Cheet-O-Lote is a take on elote, which is, traditionally, roasted corn topped with cream or mayo, queso fresco and chile. Evans’ version is roasted sweet corn rubbed with chipotle lime mayo and dusted with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, cotija cheese and Tajin seasoning. Why top corn in Flamin’ Hot Cheetos? Because it’s  darn good. You can find it at the Elysian Park Grill (Field 22, 23).

Carne Asada Torta

Carne Asada Torta at Dodger Stadium. #Gododgers #dodgers #baseball #ballparkfood #torta

There were two tortas to taste – Carne Asada and Nopales – and I absolutely loved the Nopales Torta. Nopales is cooked cactus and both tortas were served with refried beans, jalapeño, cilantro, crema and pickled onions. It was the perfect blend of flavors and I could have had only that. I didn’t try the carne asada, but Sarah enjoyed it.

Pretzel Chicken Croissant

I wasn’t excited about this one until I bit into it. The Pretzel Chicken Croissant had sundried tomato, herb aioli, swiss cheese and lettuce. It’s a little fancy and quite delicious. The pretzel croissant was amazing. In fact, all of the bread was fresh and tasty.

Churro Cake

Speaking of fresh, the Churro cake in this sundae was so good. It was topped with horchata ice cream and Abuelita caramel and chocolate shavings. The best part was that it came in a mini Dodgers baseball hat, which means that when you order, you’re not only getting a decadent dessert, you’re also getting a souvenir (so that makes the calories worth it!).

The other new food items included Orange Chicken with broccoli, a spicy chicken sandwich, a King’s Hawiian Lobster Roll and (not pictured below) a High Protein, which was an Inka blend of quinoa with pesto, corn, green onion, chickpeas, toasted pine nuts and lemon zest.

Orange chicken, spicy chicken sandwich and King's Hawiian Lobster Roll at Dodger Stadium. #Gododgers #dodgers #baseball #ballparkfood

Chef Evans talked about the different Vegan and Vegetarian options as well as gluten free. Unfortunately, there’s only one place to get a Dodger Dog on a gluten free bun – the Marketplace on the Loge Level, L-137 or L132 if 137 is closed.

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Nan Freitas

Sunday 10th of June 2018

Thanks, but no locations given for food items that are not vegetarian/ vegan etc. ? Such as: Cheeto- lote , chicken pretzel sandwich etc. Do you have a list?

Yvonne Condes

Monday 11th of June 2018

Thanks! I added a link to the full list. You can find cheeto-lote at the Elysian Park Grill Field 22 and 23.

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