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19 Fun Facts About Dodger Stadium Every Family Should Know

Updated for 2024

We love our Los Angeles Dodgers around here and wish them the best this season! We think seeing a baseball game at Dodger Stadium is a super fun thing to do as a family.

We wanted to make sure you knew these Awesome Things About Dodger Stadium as you cheer on the boys in blue! Check out the Los Angeles Dodgers’ official site.

You can see this super cute baseball/golf cart when you take a tour of Dodger Stadium

19 Fun Facts About Dodger Stadium

1. Keep Them Occupied

If you’re visiting Dodger Stadium with littles, you will for sure want to take them to the Outfield Plaza. There’s plenty of space for them to wiggle and move around, some great dining options, plus there are a few key things we think they’ll love.

climbing structure is located in Outfield plaza of Dodger Stadium
This climbing structure is located in Outfield Plaza

Kids’ play area climbing structure

This climbing structure is a super fun way for your kid to play while you wait for food at the concession stands, or if they just can’t sit still any longer. We get it!

You may get dizzy, but you won’t tip over in one of these Gyro Chairs – even though it feels like you will!

Tilting Gyro Chairs

These cool gyro chairs are wobbly and silly and they always make people smile, whether they’re watching or wobbling. And falling over is rare! Get your very own Gyro Chair via our Amazon link.

vintage Dodger Ice Cream Truck
One scoop or two? You can get a photo in this vintage Dodger Ice Cream Truck

Photo Opps Galore

Take a seat in the Dodgers Ice Cream Truck, pose with a giant-size replica of the 2020 World Series Ring, or stand near the awesome statue of Jackie Robinson about to slide into home plate. Those are a few of the very Instagrammable spots to choose from.

yellow seats at Dodger Stadium
No matter what color the seats are, you’ll have fun at Dodger Stadium

2. When You Gotta Go

Dodger Stadium has diaper-changing tables in every restroom, just so you know, but they also have half a dozen Family/Gender Neutral restrooms throughout the park.

3. Under 3 = Free

The good news: You won’t have to pay for a ticket for Junior if he or she is under 3 years old. The catch? You must have them on your lap. If that works, great! More $ to spend on food and merch!

4. Kids Run the Bases

If your kids are between 5-14 years old, they can run the bases after most Sunday home games. How fun is that? Raise your hand if you want to pretend you’re 8 so you can do it, too!

Hello Kitty Dodger shirt
Hello Kitty Dodger shirt

5. Shopping Time Any Time

The Dodgers Top Deck Top of the Park store is open every day from 10 am – 5 pm, even when the team is away. If the team is not playing, you can visit the store and park for free!

6. But Your Greenbacks Are Not Welcome

Dodger Stadium has gone cashless, so you’ll need to bring credit/debit cards or use your digital wallet on your phone.

Dodgers clock
Dodgers clock – a special giveaway promo item from a few years ago

7. Dodger Stadium is Almost a Senior

The Stadium was born built in 1962, making it the third oldest stadium in Major League Baseball. And in case anyone wants to know the older ones: Fenway Park in Boston was built in 1911, making it the oldest, and Chicago’s Wrigley Field is the second oldest, built in 1914.

8. Like Many of Us, Dodger Stadium Has Had Some Work Done

There have been many renovations and upgrades made to the stadium over the past 10 years, so if you haven’t visited recently, it’s about time to see for yourself. The famous blue seats you can see right behind home plate were added a couple of years ago, which is where you can (almost) always find Mary Hart when the team is in town.

new blue seats at Dodger Stadium

9. We’re Number One (At This)!

Dodger Stadium may be the third oldest, but since its capacity is 56,000 fans, that makes it the Biggest in Major League Baseball. (Yeah!)

10. Hungry Yet?

Dodger Dogs aren’t the only thing to eat, you know. There are so many new food items added every year, you’d probably have to attend a dozen games just to sample them all. How about some deep-fried cheesecake or a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos corn dog? Both are new this year – and are served on a stick.

Dodger Food collage
Just some of the food items you can eat at Dodger Stadium

Or how about some famous garlic fries, delicious tacos, or even a salad or burrito bowl? You can get almost any kind of food you could ever want at Dodger Stadium, including gluten-free food.

Check out our other post about all the great food at Dodger Stadium!

11. Or You Don’t Have To Buy Any of That

Did you know? You can bring your own food to any seat in Dodger Stadium, except in the Luxury Suites. You can also bring refillable water bottles and re-fill them at the stadium.

The 2020 World Series Championship ring sculpture in Outfield Plaza at Dodger Stadium
The 2020 World Series Championship ring sculpture in Outfield Plaza

12. That Food Isn’t Going to Work for the Baby

The Dodgers’ official policy is that mothers may nurse their babies anywhere they feel comfortable doing so, including in public, but if you feel you want some privacy, there are a couple of options. The stadium has a Nursing lounge located in Center Field under the Left Pavilion, or you’re welcome to use any of the family restrooms, or you can ask to use the medical first aid facility. It’s located on the 8th floor, so you will need to be escorted there.

dodger player at bat at Dodger Stadium
Go Dodgers!

13. Got a Big Picnic Basket? Not So Fast

You can’t bring big bags, backpacks, or coolers into the stadium, so plan accordingly. They do make an exception for Diaper bags, FYI. Otherwise, you’ll need to bring a small clear bag (no larger than 12” X 12” X 6”).

Dodger Stadum
Try to imagine a ball hit so hard it would leave the stadium!

14. So You’re Saying It’s Far Away?

There have only ever been five balls hit out of Dodger Stadium in 57 years, and only by four players. Willie Stargell hit two of them, in 1969 and 1973. The others were Mike Piazza in 1997, Mark McGwire in 1999, and Giancarlo Stanton in 2015.

15. Trust Me, You Would Do It, Too

If most teams in baseball have their home dugout on the first base side, why have the Dodgers set theirs on the third base side? Blame on it the LA sun and the orientation of Dodger Stadium. Being on the third base side, the Dodgers don’t have the sun shining in their eyes, leaving all the squinting to the visiting team.

Yvonne Condes and Sarah Auerswald at Dodgers Stadium to learn about what's new with the Dodgers in 2016.
We got to sit in the dugout at Dodger Stadium!

16. There is So Much To See

Take a tour one of these days, even if you live here! You’ll get to see behind the scenes (and on the field) and learn tidbits about the team’s history – some of which you just read in this list. Tour guides really know their stuff and they make the experience fun for super fans (and medium fans) alike.

Choose from a pre-game tour (game tickets sold separately), a clubhouse tour, a tour + photo opp, a hands-on experience tour, a Shortstop tour, a Jackie Robinson tour, a tour of the botanic gardens on-site, or even a private tour. So many choices!

Jackie Robinson statue at Dodger Stadium
The Jackie Robinson statue in Outfield Plaza is a must-see!

17. Because Chuck E. Cheese Was All Booked Up

There are only 81 home games per season, but there are 365 days in a year. What’s that leave the rest of us? Plenty of opportunities to party like a Dodger! You can rent out the Luxury Suites at Dodger Stadium for private events, like birthday parties, weddings, or special holiday parties for websites. Go crazy!

Dodger swag
Just some of the giveaways and promos for special nights at Dodger Stadium

18. Every Day at Dodger Stadium Is Special

That may be true, but there are literally dozens of special events every season, each with its own themed swag. Check the Dodgers’ website to get the exact dates for fan favorites like, USC Night, UCLA Night, Military Appreciation Night, Mexican Heritage Night, Yoga Day, Hello Kitty Night, Game of Thrones Night, Girl Scouts Day, Star Wars Night, Jewish Community Day, Dog Lovers Night, among many others – and of course – more bobbleheads!

Cody Bellinger bobble head
Cody Bellinger bobblehead

We hope the Dodgers have a terrific season this year and we hope you all get a chance to get out to Dodger Stadium to enjoy a game or take a tour.

Blue Heaven on Earth! at Dodger Stadium
Many people consider Dodger Stadium to be Blue Heaven on Earth!

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Friday 14th of February 2020

Any tips for first timers (more or less)? Been once 18 years ago, bring my wife and son for their first time opening day 2020. Seen the Dodgers at Candlestick a million times and in Seattle (in PDX now). Just looking for some pro tips!

Sarah Auerswald

Monday 17th of February 2020

Hey Marc, it sounds like fun! I would say: plan to get there a little early and walk around the stadium. There's a lot to see (besides the game), so it's worth it. Plus there are so many great food options, you need to walk around the stadium to check them out. Oh and for sure check out the Jackie Robinson statue! If you have time for a tour - and if they're offering it on the day you're attending - that's pretty amazing. Enjoy!!


Sunday 19th of May 2019

I would like to have my daughter's Sweet-16 at the stadium next year. Do you know who I should contact? Should I contact guest services directly? Thanks so much and awesome blog!

Sarah Auerswald

Sunday 19th of May 2019

Sounds so fun! It looks like you'd contact their sales team - here's their number: Premium Sales and Services: 866-DODGERS X4 And I'm sure they can connect you to the right people. Enjoy! And send us photos!!!

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