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Babymoon 101 + Our Best Tips and Picks

If your baby is coming soon, you probably won’t have a chance to take a vacation with your significant other for quite some time. Many parents-to-be take time during their pregnancy as an opportunity to get away from all the baby preparation stress, and spend quality time as a couple.

But what exactly does that kind of vacation entail?

Babymoons are vacations taken by expecting mothers and fathers, typically during the second trimester of pregnancy. They’re designed to celebrate the coming arrival of the baby and to provide expecting parents with one last vacation alone, as adults, before their little one arrives.

We’ve got the 411 on what you need to know about babymoons, why you might want to travel before your baby’s arrival, and how to achieve a memorable babymoon with your significant other — and how they’re perfect for single moms-to-be! If you want to learn all about babymoons, keep reading!

pregnant woman walking on a beach
A relaxing walk on the beach is just what the Dr. ordered for an expecting mom.

What is a Babymoon?

A babymoon is a short getaway expecting parents can take together before their world gets flipped upside down in all the best — and stressful — ways after the arrival of their baby. Because, let’s face it, after the baby is here and taking up 95% of your time and attention, it can be difficult to get that special alone time with your significant other, let alone find the time to take a couple’s vacation.

Babymoons are very similar to honeymoons in that they provide couples with special time to spend together before the hectic schedule of real life sets in. Many couples take a babymoon as a way to reignite that honeymoon spark again and celebrate their excitement for the new addition to the family. A short trip also allows them to catch a break from all those prenatal appointments and baby preparations while spending some quality time together.

It’s like the last hurrah before the big adventure of parenting and raising a child becomes your new normal. Besides, you most likely won’t get another vacation alone until your child is a little older and somewhat self-sufficient.

Man embracing a pregnant woman on a beach
It’s important to spend some alone time together before the blessed event.

When Do Parents Typically Go On a Babymoon?

Parents typically go on a babymoon while the expecting mother is in her second trimester of pregnancy, though it can be taken anytime during the pregnancy. The reason why most couples choose to take a vacation during the second trimester is that this is typically when the expecting mother feels her best.

During the first trimester, women who are expecting typically experience morning sickness, which is no fun while you’re on vacation. And during the third trimester when mobility is more limited moms-to-be may feel fatigued and physically uncomfortable overall. They also have more doctor’s appointments to attend making it a little harder to get away for a trip of any kind.

Still, there are limits to the number and kind of activities expecting mothers will be able to do comfortably, such as sitting through long flights (if the couple wants to fly internationally for their babymoon). Usually, there are also airline restrictions for pregnant ladies who will be traveling in their final trimester. Plus, during the final trimester, the risk of premature labor is heightened, and you don’t want to be thousands of miles away from home when the baby arrives.

What About Single Moms-to-be?

There are no rulebooks for babymoons. Just because babymoons are typically taken by expecting mothers and their significant other doesn’t mean a single expecting mother can’t take a babymoon to get some me-time before the baby arrives. In fact, rest and relaxation for a single expectant mother are probably at least as important, if not more important, since they will be the only parent providing care to the new baby.

Of course, not all expecting parents are the same. Some mothers will probably raise their children alone while others may receive parenting help from a significant other. Whatever your parenting dynamic looks like, a babymoon will give you that extra boost to take parenting head-on.

Single moms-to-be may not call it a babymoon but they too can greatly benefit from a little getaway before their baby comes, and they certainly deserve it. Whether it’s a weeklong vacation to the Bahamas or a little staycation at a nearby hotel and spa, all expecting mothers could use a few days to unwind and get one last hurrah before the baby is born.

Pregnant woman reading while sunbathing
Reading and catching a few rays — what better way is there to relax?

Couples on the road to the big life change of becoming parents, or adding another child to the family, can refresh themselves and spend special quality time together practically anywhere. From international stays to traveling to another state, to booking a hotel in your home state near a national park, you can take your babymoon to any destination you and your significant other desire.

Cayo Espanto Private Island Resort
San Pedro, Belize

A favorite destination for soon-to-be parents to have a taste of paradise is the Cayo Espanto Private Island Resort. If you choose to go there you’ll need a passport, and a bigger budget, but it will certainly enable you to have a dream vacation.

There are seven different villas in this resort, each with a private pool, dock, and butler to attend to your needs. You can even customize your experience so that your vacation is truly one of a kind. For instance, you can choose meals that appeal to your palate and are prepared by the island chef, and every morning, you can get breakfast delivered right to your pool. This means that you will easily be able to satisfy your food cravings!

pregnant couple meditating on a beach

Miraval Resort
Tucson, Arizona

Another great place to stay, if you choose not to leave the United States, is sunny Tuscan, Arizona. While there, you can stay in the resort and spa, Miraval Arizona, which will not only give you the pampering and relaxation you’ll need but also offers wellness courses.

These courses give expecting parents the opportunity to learn how to strengthen their relationship, learn mindful parenting practices, and discover how to provide a more supportive environment for their growing family. This resort caters to pregnant mothers, so there are plenty of prenatal spa services that any expecting mother would appreciate.

While there’s an endless list of destinations that expecting couples would enjoy, you can narrow down your dream destination by taking into consideration your budget, how far you want to travel, and the type of vacation you want. If you want a nature-rich vacation, consider staying in a cabin near a lake or a state park that is full of walking trails.

Still, if you want a vacation to truly relax your mind and body, choose a destination where you’ll have access to a spa where you and your partner can enjoy a couple’s massage. If you want to travel to a place where you’ll see and experience new things, we recommend staying somewhere that’s packed full of history with a multitude of nearby museums, such as Rome, Italy, or even Washington, D.C.

Some of our favorite places to stay

Beautiful young pregnant couple on the Caribbean coast

Tips for Expectant Mothers Taking a Babymoon

Consider every aspect of traveling and plan your babymoon carefully. Only do what you’re comfortable with — or what you feel will make your vacation worth it in the end. Here are some tips to consider when planning your babymoon.

  • Don’t pack your itinerary with too many activities. Make sure you have plenty of time to rest in between activities and take each day easily. If you feel exhausted, don’t hesitate to cancel a planned activity to ensure you aren’t stretched past your limits.
  • Fly short distances only — especially if you’re near the end of your pregnancy. Long flights can be very uncomfortable for expecting mothers, so we recommend choosing a destination that’s relatively close by.
  • Avoid activities that are strenuous. Activities that are too physically straining to your body while pregnant will do more harm than good, so refrain from things like long hikes, rollercoaster rides, amusement park rides, paddleboarding across big lakes, horseback riding, or bike riding.
  • Review your health insurance. If you’re traveling in your third trimester, it’s best to know what kind of health insurance you have and what coverage they offer for out-of-state emergency room and urgent care visits. Also, find out ahead of time if there are any clinics and hospitals near your destination that will accept your insurance. If you’re traveling out of the country, we recommend investing in travel insurance in case you need to visit a doctor during your babymoon.

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expecting couple sitting on a bed
A massage from your significant other or spouse is a perfect way to ease tension before the baby is born.

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