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Los Virtuality – Virtual Reality Gaming Center

Type: Birthday Party Places


Los Virtuality is a fully Immersive VIRTUAL REALITY GAMING CENTER for entire family. Our goal is to bring the best entertainment experience to our consumers without the hassle or investment in expensive equipment.
As soon as you put on the headset, you will be teleported to the world of amazing adventures in different reality.

Exciting games for all ages will bring unforgettable pleasure to all family members.

Our professional equipment ensures safety within your playing field. Our powerful computers make the graphics super-realistic, which allows you to fully enjoy the game.

Why is our venue perfect for your party?

  • Friendly Stuff
    • Personalized attention
    • Futuristic interior
    • High Performance Computers
    • We allow to bring your own food and drinks
  • Unlimited Immersive Games
  • Convenient free parking
  • And we can bring VR to your event

Address: 12480 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90066

Phone Number: (424)345-5068

Email: [email protected]

Website: Los Virtuality - Virtual Reality Gaming Center

Hours: Sunday 10AM–9PM, Monday 11AM–9PM, Tuesday 11AM–9PM, Wednesday 11AM–9PM, Thursday 11AM–9PM, Friday 11AM–11PM, Saturday 10AM–11PM