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Nanny Services, Babysitting, and Flexible Childcare in Los Angeles

All parents need childcare help at some point, whether it’s for date night or daily care during work hours, so we’ve got lists of all kinds of help, including the newest idea to hit LA: Flexible Childcare and preschool options.

Nannies are often hired to help with full time care for infants and young children, and if you’re considering hiring a nanny, you should familiarize yourself with employment laws that govern this type of work. The agency you work with should have all this information for you.

Babysitting is usually thought of as an occasional need, so generally a babysitter is not hired as staff, like a Nanny would be. Some parents do like to plan their date nights and book sitters ahead of time, and you and your kids may grow attached to certain sitters.

Flexible childcare is a new addition to the world of parenting, and it seems to fit the needs of the gig economy, which has flexibility built into its DNA.

Also known as On-Demand Childcare, Drop-in DayCare, or Flexible Preschool, this type of childcare would also fit well with Los Angeles’ peripatetic, movie-industry workforce and their particular needs.

You’ll notice that there are overlaps and some of these agencies can help you find babysitters, nannies, childcare – even household staff.

nannies, babysitters, and flexible childcare in Los Angeles

Babysitting, Nanny Agencies and Flexible Childcare in SoCal

Nanny Agencies

Babysitting Apps and Services

Flexible Childcare, On-Demand Daycare, Drop-in Childcare

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nanny agencies and babysitting apps in Los Angeles

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