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Best Shave Ice In And Around Los Angeles

The Fresh Shave in Long Beach is one of the best Shave Ice places in Los Angeles

When you’re craving something cool and refreshing during warm days, shave ice is a nice alternative to traditional ice cream and frozen yogurt. And, luckily you can find many great shave ice options in and around Los Angeles.

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The Fresh Shave in Long Beach is one of the best Shave Ice places in Los Angeles

The Fresh Shave
3768 Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach, CA 90807

The Fresh Shave is about more than just a sweet treat. They concentrate on three principles — “Aloha” (love), “Aina” (land), and “Ohana” (family). The Fresh Shave offers handcrafted shave ice — their ice is hand cranked and their syrups are homemade. They also “strive to use organic ingredients and local farm fresh produce.” Kids will be entertained by the straws which are all decorated with a playful mustache sticker. Each flavor is also named after a popular mustache style.

Shave It
19343 Victory Blvd., Tarzana, CA 91355

When you’re craving something cold and sweet, Shave It promises to deliver an “ice experience” containing only “natural ingredients with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.” Their menu offers fat free, gluten free, and sugar free options. They also offer ice cream so you can combine the two if you’d like.

10967 Weyburn Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90024

Frostalicoius describes their menu as “light as a snowflake, fluffy as a cloud.” They designed the “world’s first self-serve shaved ice machine,” so you can get creative with designing your own custom flavors and combinations. In addition to their classic flavors, they also offer seasonal and specialty flavors. Toppings include fresh fruit, nuts, syrup, cereal, sweets, and more.

Milkie & Snowie
61 S. Fair Oaks Ave. #140, Pasadena, CA 91105

You’ll find Milkie & Snowie located within Old Pasadena. You can satisfy your sweet tooth and your need for something cool and light all in one spot. They offer freshly made snow ice as well as Korean-style toast and waffles.

Blockheads Shavery
11311 Mississippi Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90025 and
12 W. Main St., Alhambra, CA 91801

The menu at Blockheads Shavery changes as the seasons change, but you’ll also find fresh and natural ingredients on the menu at this popular shaved ice spot. A large variety of toppings and syrups are offered including caramelized cinnamon flakes, almond slices, rice cakes, and much more.

Snow Station
several locations including
2114 Colorado Blvd., Eagle Rock, CA 90014

Those with dietary restrictions will appreciate that a place like Snow Station exists. They offer vegan and dairy-free options and describe their menu as “a cold, light, fluffy, snow-like, cold cotton candy melting creation that is rich, creamy, and will dazzle your taste buds.” Flavors include green tea, strawberry, taro, and more. You can customize your dessert by adding toppings and drizzles.

3300 W. 6th St., Los Angeles, CA 90020

You’ll find Homibing in Koreatown, and once you visit, you’ll probably be planning return trips here. In addition to customers raving about the taste, they also speak highly of the presentation. Homibing is popular in Korea, and customers are quite happy to have a Los Angeles location to frequent.

SnowLA Shavery
3470 W. 6th St. #2B, Los Angeles, CA 90020

SnowLA Shavery is the passion of a Los Angeles born and raised wife and husband team. They offer handmade “snow,” using natural ingredients. In addition to a variety of flavors (many are seasonal), you’ll also find drizzles, a dry bar, and a wet bar so you can customize your shaved ice.

Get Shaved
four locations including
12910 W. Magnolia Blvd. Unit J, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

You’ll find Get Shaved locations in Northridge, Sherman Oaks, and Torrance. Customize your own delicious treat by selecting up to three flavors of their shave ice (including boysenberry, orange creamsicle, and cotton candy), adding your “goodies” (including vanilla ice cream and mochi balls), and finishing it off with toppings (including marshmallow sauce and caramel).

Brian’s Shave Ice and Boba
three locations including
11301 W. Olympic Blvd. Ste. 103, Los Angeles, CA 90064

Stepping into Brian’s Shave Ice may make you think you’ve stepped into a restaurant in Hawaii. It’s easy to get creative and make your serving of shave ice exactly what you want it to be. You select your size, your filling (including ice cream and adzuki beans), your flavors (including blue vanilla and Hawaiian punch), and your topping (including sour spray and Ghiradelli Chocolate).



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