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Best Streaming Shows and Movies for Kids

Whenever you’re stuck at home with your kids, it can be difficult to keep little ones busy. And sometimes you need something to watch. Here’s a list of fun movies, shows and activities that your little one can do online or on TV to entertain them or help them get their wiggles out.

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What to Stream Now with Kids

Frozen II on Disney+

Disney Plus released this movie three months early and parents all over the world are thanking them. If you have Disney Plus, there are also a number of incredible shows and movies to watch from little ones to adults. Check out the app and you will dive down memory lane with some old classics, as well as new and never before seen shorts.

Mo Willems: Lunch Doodles

Kids’ author Mo Willems has started a “Lunch Doodles” series for kids. He release a video every weekday at 1pm ET. Such a fun way for kids to learn to draw and create fun creations!

Storyline Online

Miss story time at the Library?  Well you can get in online!  Each story is read to you by an author and it has the pages/illustrations shown to you on screen. Such a fun way to break up the day and spice up story time at home.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

This is not your regular yoga video, it is such a fun experience for your little ones. The yoga instructor tells you a story during the entire activity and bases the moves around the story. It is such a fun way for the whole family to get some exercise, listen to a fun story and break up the day indoors.

Kidz BOP Dance

Need your kids to get some indoor exercise while learning new moves?  Kidz Dance is the channel for you. This is a very fun way for the whole family to get moving and break a sweat in the living room. You can choose to learn new moves and dance genres or you can simply get in an aerobic zumba-like exercise.

Preschool Prep Company

Feeling guilty about showing your kids too much TV?  Well these preschool prep videos are fun for little ones ages 2-5. They introduce colors, numbers, letters, sight words, simple math, and so much more. Let your kids watch these videos guilt free!

Pink Fong

Ever heard of Baby Shark?  This is the channel that brought the song to you!  Pink Fong has a ton of fun videos for your little ones: from simple nursery rhymes to songs about colors, shapes, numbers, and phonics words. Want to teach your child a different language? Pink Fong also comes in different languages!

Scholastic Learn At Home

From Pre-Kindergarten to grads 6 and higher. Accessible on any device that has internet and no sign in required. This website is to remain open and free indefinitely.

ABC Mouse

This site is a wonderful resource for families who are unsure how to start homeschooling or don’t have the right resources to do it at home. ABC Mouse offers a free 30-day trial to teach your little ones about reading, math, science, arts & colors. They are even having a 49% off sale if you like their site!

Learn to Code

Ever wish you could learn a new skill? is the perfect learning site to teach kids how to use the computer and learn beginning coding. Adults and older kids can also learn more complex/advanced coding for websites and games!

Great online subscription streaming Movies, Documentaries, Shows and more:

Prime Video (Subscription required)

Youtube Kids/Youtube (Free Service, Subscription only required for upgraded service)

Netflix (Subscription required)

Hulu (Subscription required)

PBS Online (Free Service, Subscription only required for upgraded service)

Kanopy Kids (Free Service, Funded by Public Libraries)

We hope these links and services above help you and your family enjoy this time indoors!

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Esther Blair is the founder of MarkelandMe: a blog about family, food and the fun in between.  Esther lives in West LA with her husband and 2 daughters.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.