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CAMP: Family Fun at Westfield Century City

Say Hello to CAMP, a new family experience space and store, now open at the Westfield Century City Mall. Combining both shopping and playing in a new, hybrid environment, CAMP answers the question: “what should we do today?”

CAMP is a Family Experience Company, with pop-up events around the country. They have rotating themed experiences, and every surface is a seamless blend of

play and product. They are the experts in all things family fun! CAMP engages and inspires families through play, content, experiential commerce, imaginative spaces and…fun.

Explore CAMP’s original immersive theme, Base CAMP, where kids and grown-ups get to play at summer camp, all year long. Go climb up the bunk beds, zoom down the slides, explore areas full of toys and ways to play, dance in a disco cabin, go full Jackson Pollock in their splatter art room, and much more!

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This is a sponsored post, in partnership with CAMP, and contains affiliate links.

All About CAMP Los Angeles

The people at CAMP know: You can’t spell PLAY without LA! When your family comes to check it out, you’ll get to explore a world of play and creativity.

In fact, there are so many fun things to do when you come to CAMP, we can’t even list them all (although we will try)! Be sure to check out the CAMP website to see all of the fun events coming up.

three girls having fun in the back of a car inside the CAMP store
These girls are having fun at CAMP!

Which of these Super Fun activities at CAMP will you sign up for first?

??Hot Air Balloon Night Light!

It’s an aeronaut just any balloon craft: you’ll take home a working, handmade night light to display with pride. This craft inflates imaginations, cultivates creativity, and is guaranteed to light up faces wherever it takes to the skies.

Paint Your Own RV!

When you’re longing for a campfire, but just can’t get outta town, this charming glowing camper night light might be the next best thing. Design the camper of your dreams to remind you of all the amazing adventures you’ve had, and the ones yet to come — then boogie down out the door with a Counselor-led dance party!

Magic Glowing Mason Jar

This is your chance to capture moonbeams in a jar, or save rays of sunshine for a sunny day! House firefly friends to glow bright in the night, or hold an entire universe of stars right in your hand. You bring the imagination, and they’ll provide the magic ingredients!

Slime BootCAMP

Calling all slime-ologists! Together, you will make 3 different slimes all in one activity! Learn new techniques and ways to play with different concoctions and ingredients. Warning: this activity is super fun and just a little messy.

A truck inside the CAMP store location
What a cool store CAMP is: it has a truck in it!

Pom Pom Caterpillar Game

Bored with board games? Then it’s time to make one of your own! Craft a cute caterpillar pal, then pick up your pom poms to play. Match the colors to win, and when it’s time to clean up, store the pieces in the board game box till the next pom pom playtime.

Make Your Own Clay California Rolls at CAMP

This is a fun, creative, sensory play activity, and each chef will leave with air dry clay takeout they made themselves that’s perfect for playtime, or display. The cuteness of this craft cannot be ig-nori-ed, so come to CAMP and make your own!

Crafting & Viewing Party: Make a Dream Camper™ Diorama!

It’s a dream crafternoon building a Dream Camper™ diorama and playing games with Barbie™ Malibu and Barbie™ Brooklyn!! You will do a fun diorama craft, enjoy some light snacks, and watch an episode of Barbie: It Takes Two™ (available on Netflix!) while playing a round of Barbie™ themed Bingo. 

Jam along with The BeatBuds at CAMP!

Meet the one, the only, The BeatBuds! They’re coming to CAMP for an EPIC jam session filled with wholesome catchy melodies, and unique beats to move your feets! It’s entertaining, educational fun with a contemporary sound that’ll have the whole family rockin’.

graphic for Pool noodle monster craft at CAMP Los Angeles
We want to make pool noodle monsters at CAMP right now!

Pool Noodle Monsters

You like to craft, design, draw, and doodle, so come to craft and use a pool noodle! Make a monster however you like – googly eyes everywhere? A pom pom instead of hair? Bendy pipe cleaner legs, foam stickers, feathers, bows and beads? Let creativity take you wherever it leads!

Slimy, Squishy Sensory Bags

This craft activity is for you! They’ll have the glitter, beads, liquid, and bags – you bring the creativity. A little mixing here, and a drop of food coloring there, and you’ll be heading home with two you-made fidgets!

Have fun at CAMP at Westfield Century City

No matter which activities you choose at CAMP, we know you’ll have fun!

Sarah Auerswald is the Founder of 

This is a sponsored post, in partnership with CAMP, and contains affiliate links. If you purchase passes using our link we’ll be paid a commission, at no cost to you.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.