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The Best Maternity Shops in Los Angeles for When You’re Expecting

Welcoming a new life into the world is a momentous occasion, filled with excitement and anticipation. As an expectant mother, you embark on a remarkable journey of transformation, both physically and emotionally.

Amidst the joy and wonder, finding comfortable and stylish clothing that adapts to your changing body becomes an essential part of the experience. There’s only so long you can keep wearing yoga pants, after all.

Southern California maternity stores are there for mothers-to-be who want to embrace their pregnancy journey while staying true to their personal style.

From flowing dresses that gracefully drape over your bump to stretchy leggings that offer support without compromising on style, these stores offer a range of choices to help you feel confident and empowered throughout your pregnancy.

happy pregnant woman shopping

Online Shopping vs In-Person Maternity Stores

While most maternity shopping these days happens online, Los Angeles, a city known for its diversity and fashion-forward culture, boasts a short list of maternity stores that cater to different tastes and preferences.

Whether you’re a fan of classic elegance, bohemian vibes, or modern chic, you’re sure to find a store that aligns with your personal style.

From upscale boutiques to budget-friendly options, the city’s maternity stores offer something for every mother-to-be, ensuring that no one has to compromise on their fashion sense during this special time.

Beyond clothing, maternity stores in Los Angeles understand that new mothers need more than just stylish outfits. Many of these establishments go the extra mile by offering a range of products that support both the physical and emotional well-being of expectant mothers.

Some also stock baby products and gifts for the little one on the way.

From skincare products designed to soothe changing skin to accessories that add a touch of glamour to any outfit, these stores are well-equipped to help you navigate the various facets of motherhood.

Moreover, maternity stores in Los Angeles often provide a welcoming and supportive environment for mothers-to-be. The staff at these stores are well-versed in the challenges and triumphs of pregnancy, ready to assist you in finding the perfect outfit or offering advice on comfortable undergarments.

This personalized attention can make the shopping experience not only enjoyable but also empowering, as you connect with individuals who share in your journey and understand the significance of this transformative time.

We also want to acknowledge, however, that there are far fewer maternity stores in Los Angeles than there used to be. Many of us have found online shopping to be the best alternative, but there’s something wonderful about seeing things up close, and getting to try them on before you buy that keeps us wanting to visit these LA Maternity Stores.

target maternity section
Target stores carry maternity wear (and so much more!)

Maternity Wardrobe Basics: Your Must-Haves

  1. Maternity leggings or pants: As your body changes during pregnancy, you’ll need comfortable pants that can accommodate your growing belly. Look for stretchy, supportive leggings or pants with a high waistband that can be worn throughout your pregnancy.
  2. Maternity tops: Invest in a few maternity tops that are designed to fit your changing body. Look for tops that have ruching or gathering at the sides to accommodate your growing belly.
  3. Maternity dresses: Dresses are a great option for pregnant women because they’re comfortable and easy to wear. Look for dresses that are designed for maternity wear, with stretchy fabric and a flattering fit.
  4. Maternity bras: Your breasts will likely grow during pregnancy, so it’s important to invest in a few comfortable and supportive maternity bras. Look for bras with wide straps and a soft, stretchy fabric.
  5. Comfortable shoes: As your belly grows, your center of gravity will shift, which can make it difficult to walk in high heels or uncomfortable shoes. Invest in a few pairs of comfortable, supportive shoes that will keep your feet happy throughout your pregnancy.

Beyond the Basics:

Here are five extra items a woman could buy for her maternity wardrobe, beyond the 5 basics:

  1. Maternity jeans: While leggings and pants are great for comfort, maternity jeans can offer a bit more style and versatility. Look for jeans with a stretchy waistband that can be worn over or under your belly.
  2. Maternity shorts: If you’re pregnant during the summer months, maternity shorts can be a lifesaver. Look for shorts with a stretchy waistband and a comfortable fit.
  3. Maternity swimwear: If you plan to swim or spend time at the beach during your pregnancy, invest in a few pieces of maternity swimwear. Look for swimsuits with a supportive bust and a comfortable fit around your belly.
  4. Maternity outerwear: Depending on the season and your location, you may need to invest in some maternity outerwear. Look for jackets or coats with a roomy fit and a comfortable fabric.
  5. Maternity sleepwear: As your belly grows, you may find it difficult to sleep comfortably in your regular pajamas. Invest in a few pieces of maternity sleepwear, such as nightgowns or pajama sets, that are designed to fit your changing body.
Pregnant woman stretching her leggings

The Top Maternity Shops in Los Angeles

Let’s get shopping!

Amma Boutique
1118 Mission Street, South Pasadena, 91030

This boutique is a hit with shoppers. Founded by a mom of 3, after the success of her company PELV-ICE and the Mama Strut™ support braces, this is a great place to shop for maternity clothes. 

Bellies, Babies and Bosoms
2430 Honolulu Ave, Montrose, CA 91020

Shoppers say this maternity shop stocks very cute clothes for mamas to be, as well as some terrific baby gifts. They also say the staff is very helpful!

Hatch Collection
240 26th St Santa Monica, CA 90402

This high-end maternity fashion shop is very well-loved by shoppers and located near other high-end shopping in Santa Monica. Shoppers say the customer service is stellar.

A Mother’s Haven
16101 Ventura Blvd Suite #230, Encino, CA 91436

Mostly known for their classes and groups, this shop does also carry some maternity wear.

Target Stores
Multiple locations around SoCal, including:
1800 West Empire Ave., Burbank 91504

Target carries multiple maternity clothing lines and always has plenty in stock. Plus while you’re there, check out their baby and toddler sections for gear – along with all the other things we always buy at Target!

Babylist Showroom and Shop
211 S Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Designed to showcase mainly baby gear for online purchases, this 18,000 square foot store also sells some items just for Mamas.

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