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Moms Making a Difference: Miry Whitehill

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Miry Whitehill asked herself how she could help make her local schools better long before her children started school. That question led her to her local neighborhood council.

Neighborhood Councils are an impactful way for people to get involved in their community from working to improve schools to helping build parks to working on housing issues.

Miry is one of the local volunteers who have served on one of the 99 Los Angeles Neighborhood Councils, which serves as the grassroots of local government. We’re working with Empower LA to highlight some of the incredible women who have served their local councils.

Click here to learn more about the Neighborhood Councils and to meet the other women in the series.

Neighborhood Council Elections are happening now through June. Find out who is running for a spot on the council in your neighborhood and find out when and where to vote at EmpowerLA.

Miry Whitehill is a former member of the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council and the Founder and Executive Director of Miry’s List, a nonprofit that helps newly arrived refugee families start their lives here. She is the mother of two boys.

1) How did you first hear about the Neighborhood Council?

Social media.

2) What made you decide to run for neighborhood council? Was there an issue happening in your neighborhood that you wanted resolved?

I wanted to help my local schools. Being a mom made me want to help make our neighborhood schools better.

3) What is an average meeting like?

You never know, they talk about everything. Now when I go to meetings I’m there to give updates about Miry’s List and our Welcome Neighbor program.

4) What has been most surprising to you about the experience?

I loved learning about how regular people can get involved to help their neighborhoods.

5) What is something that people might not understand about the Neighborhood Council?

Everything! So much to learn about how getting stuff done in the city government works. It’s a huge learning experience.

6) How do balance raising kids with your work on the council?

People don’t ask dads how they balance things with parenting so I’m gonna opt out of this question.

7) What do your children think of mom being in the council? Do you talk to them about giving back to the community?

They love coming to meetings. (See video below)

8) Do you think Moms are uniquely qualified to help their neighborhoods? Why? 

Of course. Moms get stuff done. We are naturally invested in our neighborhoods because we want our children to be safe and supported and successful.

This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Empower LA. 

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