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Seeking Advice and Insight from a Psychic Advisor

This is a sponsored post in partnership with California Psychics to share my experience.

Have you ever felt like there was something in your life you wanted to change, but you weren’t sure how? When this has happened to me, I’ve sought advice from friends, therapists, and mentors, but until now I’d never consulted a psychic advisor.

I’ve been incorporating meditation, journaling, and spending time in nature into my daily routine over the past few years, so the idea of consulting a psychic advisor was intriguing. Friends have raved about Tarot Cards for years, and when I found out that tarot card readings were an option on California Psychics, I was excited to try it.

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woman sitting in a backyard, writing in a journal, surrounded by nature
Spending time in nature is important to me, and my backyard is a wonderful place to journal

My First Psychic Reading

Because California Psychics is an online platform, I could choose to have a reading that worked for my schedule, and it meant I could even be sitting in my favorite spot in my backyard while I had my reading done.

I browsed the many types of skills, tools, and styles of psychic advisors available, and it was good to know there’s a wide range of prices to fit any budget. I chose Psychic Penelope to do my Tarot Card reading; she was compassionate and insightful, and I really enjoyed hearing her read and interpret the cards for me.

Tarot Cards spread out on a table next to a journal
I had a Tarot Card reading from California Psychics

Feeling Stuck in My Business

Lately I’ve been feeling like my business was poised for growth, that I really want it to grow, and I’m ready for it, and yet it’s not really coming together. I keep having the same thought: that I just don’t know what steps to take.

I started blogging in 2008 and had no idea that I’d still be doing it 14 years later, much less be earning a living at it. That was beyond my dreams back in 2008, but it’s my reality now.

Building an Internet business has been like driving down the road in a car that you have to build, by hand, from the inside, oh, and while you’re at it, you also have to build the road you want to drive on.

In other words, there was no manual for how to build this business when I started, and there’s no manual for how to take it to the next level now, either. Which is why I sought advice.

three Buddha head sculptures set in a backyard
It’s important to me to have a calming place in my backyard, where I can spend time in nature

Getting an Online Psychic Reading

Penelope had a calm and soothing manner and I really loved hearing her talk through the session. She has a lot of experience and we seemed to have a connection right away. She shuffled the deck, dealt the cards, and interpreted them for me.

I like the idea that the cards have symbolic meaning, so I’m drawn to the Tarot now that I’ve experienced it. I also liked that Penelope’s experience let her draw meaning from the combinations of cards she turned up.

Of course, I’m pleased to say she felt that I’d ultimately find success this year, but she didn’t think it would come without work, or without having to go through some changes. She felt that good people would be coming into my life to work with me, and I welcome that thought.

Three Tarot Cards in a row
This was my first time having a Tarot Card reading from California Psychics and it won’t be my last

Getting Out of My Own Way

I asked my psychic advisor how I might be holding myself back from things I say I really want in life, and how best to get out of my own way when thinking about and trying to achieve my goals. This is where I felt I really lucked out because I think she spoke from the heart and gave me some wonderful advice.

Penelope spoke about mindfulness and listening to the inner monologue I have running through my mind, as most of us do. My task would be to decide which of those thoughts were no longer serving me or were keeping me stuck, and then to consciously work to change them, taking incremental steps if I needed to.

a woman sitting outdoors, writing in a journal
a mindfulness practice can help me focus on consciously creating the life I want

I’d need to create a new set of thoughts to replace what I’ve been thinking, ones that would help me better focus on my goals, let them take up more space, and fuel them with emotion in order to believe them more deeply.

She ended by saying I could become the conscious creator of my life, the way I want it to be, and head into whatever future I envision for myself. What’s not to love about that?

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woman smiling holding a journal sitting in a backyard surrounded by nature with Buddha head sculptures in background
I’m so glad I had a reading from California Psychics. I’m excited to work on creating more of what I want in life.

So Glad I Tried an Online Psychic Reading

When confusing or difficult times come up for me, I’ve always appreciated having someone I can talk to, someone who can advise me. I’m very glad I had a session with an advisor from California Psychics. I feel like I was given some wisdom, and some homework, which is how I like things to go.

tarot cards arranged on a table near a journal and a pen
Have you ever had a reading from California Psychics? Let me know in the comments.

Sarah Auerswald is the co-Founder of This is a sponsored post in partnership with California Psychics; all opinions are her own.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.