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Kinecta Federal Credit Union is launching its 15th annual backpack drive to support underserved students in grades 3-12 here in Southern California as the 2024-25 school year approaches.

Kinecta’s annual backpack drive initiative seeks to alleviate this burden by providing essential school supplies to students in need, and we’re sharing information about this drive as a community service.

We spoke to Latrice McGlothin, Executive Director of Kinecta’s Community Foundation, about the impact of this annual backpack drive.

“The goal of the backpack drive is to help ensure that all students start the school year prepared and confident. It’s a way to help level the playing field,” Ms. McGlothin said.

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From dulce de leche donuts to ube doughnuts to gluten-free and vegan donuts, you’ll find any type you can imagine at one of the many delicious donut shops. Here is our list of 16 of the Best Donut Shops from Randy’s in Inglewood to Trejo’s Donuts in Hollywood to Sidecar Doughnuts in Santa Monica.

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Updated for 2024 We all love instagram and the unique opportunity to view glimpses into other people’s lives via the snapshots they post. From friends to colleagues to our neighbors – even our cousin’s cat with the one floppy ear – it seems like everyone has an Instagram account. However, to truly be #momlife inspired and …

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Summer Camp planning season is here in Los Angeles, and parents are looking at all of their options. Day Camp? Sleepaway? Tech? Sports? So many types of camps to choose from; you’re sure to find the one where your kids will be happiest.

The MomsLA Summer Camp Guide provides a list of hundreds of camps, and we wanted to let you know which ones are offering special discounts for MomsLA readers.

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Blueberries are a delicious fruit, filled with antioxidants, and you can find them growing locally at many farms in Southern California. And the cool thing is, you can pick your own blueberries at most of these farms!

California grows multiple millions of pounds of blueberries every year and exports them all around the world, not to mention all over the state!

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The Sandbourne Santa Monica is a newly-renovated and re-imagined hotel that welcomes families for a luxury stay near the beach. While also ideal for a romantic getaway or date night, the hotel is very family-friendly. The hotel sits one block from the beach in Santa Monica, just a quick walk from the famous Santa Monica Pier, which is one of the best places for families to play, and there’s secure beach access with your room key.

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BrightLife Kids helps families get the support they need – at no cost!

Created by Brightline and paid for 100% by the State of California, BrightLife Kids is a CalHOPE program offering behavioral mental health coaching to ALL kids ages 0-12 who live in California.

Families can select the coach that fits their needs, and video sessions are 1:1 and private. Bilingual coaches are available. Plus there are free digital resources families can access anytime, like articles and videos.

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