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Pressed Juicery + New Juice Book

JUI1 Greens 1 image p 43 reprinted with permission from Juice by Carly de Castro, Hedi Gores & Hayden Slater (Ten Speed Press, © 2014)

I want to admit something to you: I once owned a juicer. I spent a bunch of money on it, too. But I just wasn’t up for the cleaning and prepping of all the fruits and veggies, so I gave it away. I wanted the juice, just not the juicer. Thank goodness, then, for Pressed Juicery: they do the juicing (and cleaning) and I just get to do the drinking. ... Read More »

What You Say with a Glass of Milk Lasts Forever


The following is a sponsored post.  What You Say with a Glass of Milk Lasts Forever Brought to you by got milk? In this video, a young firefighter remembers a conversation he had with his mom as a kid where he’s pouring himself a glass of milk. That memory helps him face his first day on the job and turns him into a hero, because milk fuels a better future. ... Read More »

Lorna Jane Nourish Cookbook Review

Tamari honey nuts + Lorna Jane Nourish cookbook

Nourish: The Fit Woman’s Cookbook, by Lorna Jane Clarkson, is a beautiful book, filled with recipes, advice for Active Living, tips to get and stay healthy, and awesome graphics. Clarkson, the creator behind the successful Australian fitness clothing company named for herself (Lorna Jane), also features prominently in the book, since she is apparently her own best salesperson for the Brand. Clarkson radiates fitness, health and happiness and it’s very ... Read More »

LVP Sangria Review + Cocktail Recipes

LVP Sangria instagram

Summer time is the perfect time for Sangria, which is a refreshing, light cocktail that’s a big hit with my friends. So we were really excited to try the new LVP Sangria from Lisa Vanderpump, which comes in two varieties: Pink and Red. LVP Sangria is really flavorful and not too sweet, which means I will be keeping some around for future cocktail hours for sure. According to their website, ... Read More »

Del Real Foods Review and Giveaway


Coming up with dinner to feed to my two boys night after night is the bane of my motherly existence. Especially when we have other kids over. They all ask for dinner like they’ve  arrived at the world’s most boring restaurant – plain pasta, bean burrito without cheese, meat or spices, and white rice. Lately, if I cook an elaborate dinner, they won’t eat it. But they all do love good ... Read More »

Dating My Husband While Exploring Los Angeles – Part 2


This is Part 2 of “Dating my Husband.” Part 1 appeared last Tuesday. My husband and I were at the halfway point of #DateWeek2014, the week when my two boys went to their grandparents, and we could do whatever we wanted. We love food and exploring Los Angeles, but don’t have a regular babysitter so we used that week to try as many new restaurants as possible. In last week’s post, I talked ... Read More »

Back to School Snack Ideas and Recipe


Back in May, I made significant changes to the way I was feeding my boys. I stopped filling their lunch boxes with high sugar granola bars (I didn’t realize they had so much sugar) and other processed foods. Then school ended and it was a bit of a free-for all on the days they weren’t at camp this summer. Now that my kids are back to school, we’re back to eating ... Read More »

Dating My Husband While Exploring Los Angeles – Part 1


For the third year in a row, my husband and I celebrated date week. It’s the week that our kids went to their grandparents so we went out every night. We don’t have a regular babysitter and we’re not the best planners so we don’t go out often. This was our chance and scoured all parts of Los Angeles including Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Downtown Los Angeles, and West LA. Date ... Read More »

Wilton Candy Melts and Candy Melting Pot


Way back when I was a starving newspaper reporter, I decided to make my family their Christmas presents instead of buying them. I bought Wilton candy molds and Candy Melts® and made everyone homemade candy. I melted the candy on the stove, burned some of it, and spooned what I could into the molds. Then I packed it all in pretty boxes and shipped the candy across the United States. It was great ... Read More »

New: Trufflelata & Ice Cream at Godiva #GodivaSummer


Godiva’s got some tasty new treats just in time for a “Summer Fling” with chocolate. The new Godiva milkshake, called a Trufflelata, contains one of their signature truffles, and brand new as of this Summer: they’ve got soft-serve ice cream, too. Yvonne and I grabbed a couple of gal pals and headed out for a Summer evening away from the kids to taste chocolate and have fun. We tried all ... Read More »