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Birthday Magic in Los Angeles: 10 Fun Kids’ Party Ideas

Another year around the sun in a blink of an eye and it’s suddenly time to throw another birthday party. With endless possibilities and trends evolving constantly, planning the perfect birthday bash can feel intimidating. Whether you’re aiming for an intimate gathering or a grand extravaganza we have some super fun and out of the box ideas to help you plan an unforgettable experience for your little one.

cupcakes at indoor play place birthday party
No matter where you have your kids’ birthday party, cupcakes are required.

10 Super Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Kids in Los Angeles

Bob Baker Marionette Party

The Bob Maker Marionette Theater showcases original string puppets from the early 1960’s and holds a special place in LA’s history.  Kids and adults will delight in this timeless, imaginative show. The theater itself has moved to a fantastic new location in Highland Park where they put on regular shows.

The Puppeteers, in their signature red monochrome outfits, are also available to come to you and set up a personal theater for what they call a Puppet Parlour Party. It’s silly, heart warming and a truly one of a kind experience.

bob baker marionette theater puppet show
The puppeteers at Bob Baker marionette Theater are fantastic at their craft!

VR Party

Gamers and tweens will LOVE a VR party like the ones you can have at Los Virtuality in Santa Monica. They have 40+ VR games, a private arcade and escape rooms. Kids can immerse themselves in thrilling worlds, race each other and play a simulated laser tag together. For parties, just bring your own food and they will provide the entertainment.

Pool Party

Thanks to some new pool-sharing apps it’s now easier than ever to host a pool party, even if you don’t have one of your own. You can also rent out a local public pool by contacting Citywide Aquatics (through the Parks Department) and applying for a permit.

It’s actually not very expensive and you can get the entire pool for just you and your guests as long as it works with their hours (so think doing a mid morning party before the pool opens at 1pm or an evening pool party at 5pm). Stoner Park Pool is a favorite with its zero entry pool, water features and slide. Perfect for kids of almost all ages.

family in the pool for a kids birthday party
Everyone can enjoy a pool party for your kids’ birthday!

Indoor Play Party

LA has quite a few terrific indoor play places in SoCal and most of them offer a birthday party package that takes all the work and stress out of planning a party. For busy parents, we must say it’s pretty amazing when EVERYTHING is taken care of (the food, goodie bags, decorations, the cake, you name it). 

Some provide a character of your choosing as part of their party package (think: princess, mermaid, pirate, etc) who will lead activities like treasure hunting through the playground so parents can just sit back and relax. 

There is really something to be said for not having to lift a finger, stress about the planning or clean anything up afterwards.

“Go Wild” Animal Party

As an alternative to hosting a party at the zoo, which can get crowded on weekends, or hiring someone to bring reptiles to your house (yikes), consider hosting a party at places like The Wildlife Learning Center for your little animal lover. They do a presentation and an interactive tour for your guests (meet a sloth and a giraffe, feed a porcupine, touch a reptile) and afterwards you can enjoy the party on site at a reserved picnic area.

Maker’s Party

If your kid loves to get crafty, they will love a maker’s party ata place like the ReDiscover Center.  Kids get to tinker, build and make eco friendly creations out of found objects and upcycled materials. Places like this provide all the materials and a good staff ratio to assist the kids and ensure safety. This is the party for kids who want to express their creativity, get hands-on learning, get inspired and then eat some cake!

mini golf birthday party
Whether you call it Mini Golf or Putt-Putt golf, it’s a great idea for a birthday party!

Mini Golf Party

Whether you call it mini golf or putt putt golf, either way it’s a blast for all ages. This is one of those parties where even the grown ups can participate and have fun feeling like a kid again. The Sherman Oaks Castle Park is totally old school, classic and fun. They also have an arcade, a batting cage and a shaded area with tables to set up your party.

Laser Tag

For the ultimate laser tag adventure, check out a spot like Ultrazone. The kids start with an informative introduction from the staff, get equipped with a cool vest and laser blaster, then enter a dark maze-like space and run around like crazy. It’s like being inside of a video game. When the time is up, everyone gets escorted to a private room to have pizza, refreshments and cake.  Another one that guarantees the kids will have a blast- and no after party clean up required.

Dance Party at the Park

Tiny dancers will LOVE a sweet Dance with Miss Alice Party in the park (or your backyard). One of the delightful instructors will come set up, play games, lead dances (including choreographing a special dance for the birthday girl or boy) and do crafts. If you have a theme in mind they are easy to work with and happy to make your dance party dreams come true.

Ryoji at the Park

Ryoji is pure joy in human form. He’s an LA based musician and music teacher to little ones and is available for parties and events. He brings instruments from around the world for the kids to play and really knows how to get them engaged. The music ranges from sweet melodies on the ukulele, rhythmic beats on the drums and even classic rock covers with their own Ryoji signature style. It’s a totally memorable experience for the little ones that will put a smile on everyone’s face.

kids on surf boards on the beach
Surf’s Up anytime you want to have a beach birthday party!

Bonus Beach Party Tip: 

One of the best things about LA is that we have a beautiful beach in our backyard for parties. Kids are usually happy to play on their own BUT If you think you need to add an extra activity (unfortunately bounce houses are not allowed on public beaches), consider booking a service to lead surf lessons or soccer and games.  That way you can sit back, relax and enjoy yourself.

Hopefully these ideas can spark some inspiration as you reach your little one’s next milestone.  While they may grow up fast, these memories will truly last a lifetime. Party on!

little boy on the beach with birthday cake

Maggie Tancred is a writer and mother of two working in kid’s content with the goal of helping others and bringing good into the world. You can read more of her writing at The Mother Co.

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