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Steve & Kate’s Camp

Type: Arts & Crafts, Creative, Day Camp


Kids come into this world brimming with curiosity, wonder and creative potential. Unfortunately, we often squash that potential by telling kids what to do, and what to learn.

At Steve & Kate’s, we believe that when you trust kids, they develop the confidence to trust themselves, and learn to use their own judgment. So we built a summer camp that puts kids in charge. Because unlike traditional schools, summer gives us the freedom to reinvent learning in a way that allows kids to make their own choices – and, of course, a few mistakes along the way.

Driven by this belief, we’ve built our summer camp to put kids in the driver’s seat of a world of possibilities. So whether your child is a natural-born storyteller with a love for animation, or a budding chef, or a hacker-in-training, or a dance machine, they can dive into their passions in a world free from adult judgments and expectations.

After 37 years, we are still obsessed with reinventing every summer. Because if we’ve learned one thing, it’s that when you think like a child, anything is possible.

–Steve & Kate

415-389-KIDS. Register at www.steveandkate.com.

Altadena – Pasadena Waldorf School Mariposa Campus (June 12 – Aug 11)

Los Angeles – Hancock Park – Third Street Elementary School (June 13 – Aug 11)

Los Angeles – Westside – Walgrove Avenue Elementary School (June 13 – Aug 11)

Los Angeles – Westwood/Beverly Hills – Sinai Akiba Academy (June 19 – Aug 18)

Manhattan Beach – Pennekamp Elementary School (June 19 – Aug 18)

Valley Village – The Country School (June 19 – Aug 25)


Phone Number: 415-389-KIDS

Email: letschat@steveandkate.com

Website: Steve & Kate's Camp

Dates: You're covered all across LA between June 13 & August 26, 2016