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Argo Navis School

Type: Elementary School, Featured Private Elementary Schools, Middle School, Private Middle School


Imagine a learning experience unlike anything you had as a child. Imagine travelling to locations throughout the city each week to learn by experience, not from a workbook. Imagine learning math and language by building a sailboat, and a test in the form of setting it out to water. What if your study of biology consisted of visiting a marine biologist in Santa Monica and your study of archeology came from an archeologist at the Natural History Museum? What if your learning path was guided mostly by you and what you found interesting in the world? What if your Learning Plan was tailored to fit your unique way of learning?

Argo Navis is a research-driven private, progressive elementary and middle school that welcomes adventurers, voyagers, mavericks, innovators, and pioneers. Our revolutionary educational model is rooted in PBL with the ambition to deliver an education that takes place both inside the classroom and out in the world around us. Students embark on field trips each week to connect real-world learning experiences to what they are learning in the classroom. With small student/teacher ratios, each student is given an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) to allow teachers to adapt the educational experience for each individual student to how they best learn. Our hallmark programs are designed to excite and inspire students, fostering curiosity and wonder as the leading agents in guiding students to a personal learning experience that is deep-rooted and lasting. Signature programs include: Spanish Immersion, Financial Literacy, Design & Engineering, Visual & Performing Arts, Urban Sports, Global Education, Oceanography & Scuba, and more!

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Address: 5456 McConnell Ave, Playa Vista, CA 90066-7062

Phone Number: (323) 447-5437

Email: [email protected]

Website: Argo Navis School

Bridges Academy

Type: Featured Private Elementary Schools, Private Elementary School, Private High School, Private Middle School


Bridges Academy (Grades 4-12) is a school serving the twice-exceptional (2e) – students with learning differences who are amazingly bright, outside-the-box thinkers, capable of developing expertise at a very young age in wide-ranging fields, from robotics to religion, string theory to Sanskrit, politics to poetry. The school prepares students for the 21st century and its many opportunities, including university studies and artistic and entrepreneurial endeavors. The school, which opened a second campus in Seattle in fall 2022 and an online high school in 2021, is a testament to the power of strengths-based 2e educational philosophy.

Bridges empowers its students to thrive academically and socially through small classes and differentiated instruction, creating an environment in which gifts are recognized and developed, and learning differences and disabilities are accepted. Many students come to Bridges defined by their challenges but graduate defined by their strengths and talents.


Address: 3921 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604

Phone Number: 818-506-1091

Email: [email protected]

Website: Bridges Academy

The Willows Community School

Type: Featured Private Elementary Schools, Private Elementary School, Private Middle School


The Willows Community School, located in Culver City, is a Developmental Kindergarten through 8th grade non-profit, co-educational independent school enrolling 475 students annually. Recognized as a balanced, progressive educational leader, the strong academic program incorporates experiential learning, thematic instruction and social emotional learning into cutting-edge curriculum and integrates design thinking, maker, technology, and the arts into the classroom. Strongly committed to financial assistance, The Willows seeks a broad-based student body with a diversity of race, ethnicity, socioeconomics and learning styles. 40% of our student body is comprised of students of color, and the school annually enrolls students from 57+ zip codes across the greater Los Angeles area. We believe each child brings our community an extraordinary gift: a curious mind, ready to explore and eager to learn.


Address: 8509 Higuera Street, Culver City, CA 90232

Phone Number: (310) 815-0411

Email: [email protected]

Website: The Willows Community School