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“Modern Family” Houses: Where to Find Them 2024

Updated for 2024

This post is a contribution from our friends at, the Bay Area’s version of MomsLA. Co-founder Whitney Moss is an L.A. native who offered to share her adventure with us.

My family went through a Modern Family binge phase. Although my husband and I had watched the series in real-time as it aired over the years, our kids were not old enough at the time.

We recently rewatched as a family at a record pace accelerated, laughing at the silly characters and getting to know the homes of the three family units: Jay and Gloria’s ultramodern house, Mitch and Cam’s 1920s duplex, and Claire and Phil’s two-story family home.

On one of our frequent visits to Los Angeles, we decided we would hunt down the houses that serve as establishing shots in each episode as they had become so familiar to us. You can do the same! 

Where is Modern Family Set?

While they never actually mention Los Angeles by name, it’s pretty obvious that Modern Family takes place in LA. Besides the weather, you’ll see lots of clues about Southern California in many of the locations they chose for filming, like palm trees – always a dead giveaway it’s LA.

The Modern Family House Locations

Each of the three families in the show live in iconic houses that actually tell you a lot about their characters, even just from the outside.  If you want to see where they shot some of the famous scenes from the show, like where the Modern Family Dunphy House is, the Jay Pritchett house, or where the Modern Family Mitch and Cam house is, just check out the map below – and see where the author traveled to find them.

Here’s Where the “Modern Family” Houses are:

Mitch and Cam's TV house from "Modern Family," with young girl standing in front
Mitch and Cam’s TV house from “Modern Family,” photo courtesy of Whitney Moss from and her daughter

Mitch and Cam’s house

Located in a quiet neighborhood near the Fox lot, it’s easy to park and stand in front of this duplex. The address is 2211 Fox Hills Drive. 


Make it an outing

Adjacent to Century City, order Sprinkles cupcakes from your photo opp spot and swing by to pick them up when you head home. Cam would want you to.

Phil and Claire's TV house from "Modern Family," young girl pictured in front
Phil and Claire’s TV house from “Modern Family,” photo courtesy of Whitney Moss from and her daughter

Phil and Claire Dunphy’s house

Also near Rancho Park, this house is in a residential neighborhood and they’re probably used to people pulling up to pose in front of it. The address is 10336 Dunleer Drive. For an extra challenge, keep the house number secret as you drive on Dunleer, asking “where do the Dunphys live?” and see if your family can recognize the right home.

Make it an outing

The playground at Rancho Park is great for all ages and is also used liberally in Modern Family episodes, but that might be harder for kids to recognize. 

Jay and Gloria's TV house from "Modern Family," photo courtesy of Whitney Moss from and her daughter
Jay and Gloria’s TV house from “Modern Family,” photo courtesy of Whitney Moss from and her daughter

Jay and Gloria’s house

This one is a bit harder to recognize because most of the house is set behind a gate. The address is 121 S. Cliffwood Drive in Brentwood.

Make it an outing

Temescal Canyon Gateway Park is one of our favorite hiking spots for families. 

Where are the Modern Family Houses located?

If you’ve been wondering “Where are the ‘Modern Family’ Houses?” We have got you covered! Just check out this map and see for yourself.

About Modern Family

If you’re not already a fan, let us tell you that “Modern Family” is a TV sitcom that aired on ABC from 2009 to 2020. The show, created by the wildly successful team of Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan, follows the lives of the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker family.

The extended TV family includes Jay Pritchett (played by Ed O’Neill), his second wife Gloria Pritchett (played by Sofia Vergara), and their son Manny (played by Rico Rodriguez); Jay’s daughter Claire Dunphy (played by Julie Bowen), her husband Phil Dunphy (played by Ty Burrell), and their three children: Haley Dunphy (played by Sarah Hyland), Alex Dunphy (played by Ariel Winter), and Luke Dunphy (played by Nolan Gould).

The rest of the show’s cast includes Jay’s son Mitchell Pritchett (played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson), his partner Cameron Tucker, known as Cam (played by Eric Stonestreet), and their adopted daughter Lily Tucker-Pritchett (played by Aubrey Anderson-Emmons). Side note – Aubrey’s Mom is Amy Anderson, a stand-up comedian and former Mom Blogger whom we’ve known for years!

Modern Family is a Classic (and Modern) Sitcom

The show, known for its mockumentary style, in which characters speak directly to the camera and the audience, has continued to draw large audiences, even in syndication and with re-runs, with many fans considering it a classic sitcom of the modern era.

The show has been praised for its portrayal of diverse family structures and its handling of social issues. Plus it’s just hilarious! These are the reasons the show’s legacy continues, to the point that fans continue to seek out the actual filming locations the producers used when they were making the show.

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