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Ashley Koff’s Tips for Mom Energy

September 16th, 2011 by Sarah Auerswald


Ashley Koff wants Moms to increase their energy and improve their health, and she’s got the plan to help us do it. Koff, a Registered Dietician, is co-author of a new book called Mom Energy: A Simple Plan to Live Fully Charged, and recently sat down with a few MomsLA Contributors to share her ideas with us for how to increase our Mom Energy.

Not surprisingly, since she’s a dietician, Koff’s plan involves looking at the food we eat. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch together at True Food Kitchen in Santa Monica, and she answered many of our questions about nutrition and health. Debbie Goldberg, Lian Dolan, Donna Schwartz-Mills, Lee Rose Emery, Amelia Winslow, Jeannine Chanin-Penn, Lisa Vitale, and Alicia Rockmore were all in attendance, along with me and my MomsLA co-Founders, Elise Derby and Yvonne Condes.

Koff demonstrates a true depth of knowledge about nutrition. She speaks from years of experience with her clients and years of study as well. She’s brilliant at explaining the science behind food without dumbing it down or leaving you bewildered. When she had me pronouncing gamma linolenic acid (GLA)and understanding what it meant, I knew I was in good hands. (It’s an omega-6 fatty acid, found in plant-based oils, by the way.)

As Moms, most of us dash through our days and many of us spend more time planning our children’s meals than our own. The potential risk in grabbing whatever food is handy as we run out to drive the carpool is that we’ll end up depleted by midday, overeating by dinner, and in less than optimum health as we age.

Koff wants Moms to live a fuller, bigger version of themselves than that. She’s realistic in knowing that there’s no way to cut down on a Mom’s list of responsibilities or things to do, so what she offers in her book (and in her private practice) is a way of eating that increases our energy level – and might even help some of us lose weight – although she’s quick to point out that this is not a “diet”.

Instead, her eating (and exercise) plan can lead to weight loss because it’s designed to meet your body’s and lifestyle’s needs. Quick energy fixes don’t ever live up to the task, as we’ve all found. A Red Bull Smoothie may indeed get your energy revved up for a short burst, but eating a nutrient-balanced breakfast of whole grains and fruit instead, for example, will sustain you for a longer time at a more level energy state. Highly desirable and much better tasting!

Mom Energy has you do an energy profile quiz to start off, and you’ll end up in one of 5 categories: The Medicine Cabinet, The Mom Zombie, The Overworked and Overscheduled (and Overtired), The Chronic Dieter, or The Dead Battery. Once you know your profile, you can start to find a plan for claiming more energy for yourself, using the strategies in the book, like Time Management, exercise, playtime, getting enough sleep, and of course, a healthy eating plan.

Koff swears by four core tenets when it comes to an eating plan: Quantity (Portion Control), Quality (Food vs. Food Products), Balance (Carbs + Protein + Fat + Unlimited Vegetables) and Frequency (“Eating Occasion” approx. every 3 hrs.). Reasonable, common-sensical, and yet, based on science and experience – love it!

I’m about to dive in to the Mom Energy book and I’m really looking forward to having more! Energy, that is.

Sarah Auerswald is a co-Founder of MomsLA and also writes about life at Sarah’s Blog.

{Full Disclosure: We were each given a copy of Mom Energy for review, and treated to lunch at True Food Kitchen Sponsored by VitaCoco, Sambazon, Nature’s Path, Pure Bar, Manitoba Harvest, Purely Elizabeth, and Happy Belly Bags.}


Sarah Auerswald (359 Posts)

Sarah Auerswald is the CEO and Co-Founder of MomsLA. She writes about life in LA while raising her 2 sons and is the founder of She was an English Major at Brown University, and yet nowadays feels free to ignore grammar rules anytime she wants. Like Now. She's married, uses a Mac, and grew up in Hawaii.


  1. I absolutely loved Ashley… she was a dynamo with great information. I learned so much in so little time and already started reading her book and eating hemp seeds.

    True Food Kitchen was the perfect place for this… those veggies seen above were only the beginning!

  2. I was so bummed I couldn’t make this. Fatigue .. can never catch up .. Yep. I’m so there these days. Looking into the book.

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