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Surefire Event for Teen Girls

September 30th, 2013 by Yvonne Condes

This is a guest post by Heather Mason, Founder, SUREFIRE girls and FireBrand Concepts, LLC

Surefire Girls' Conference

I heard recently that the number one topic for teen girls to watch on YouTube are “How To” videos.  And that’s not surprising.  Since we’ve been working with teen girls and asking them questions as we craft a conference just for them – we find most questions begin with “How do I?”  ‘How do I know I’m normal?  How do I learn how to use a credit card? How do I handle it when my friends are mean to me? How do I walk and speak with confidence?  How do I know what I should and shouldn’t share online?”

Those “How To’s” have to be answered somewhere, and right now, they’re being answered by the internet, magazines, and their peers.  We know those influences are out there, and we hope the right messages are coming through. Sure school can provide influence, but is not meant to provide more than data.  And as parents, we try to provide guidance, but we know that our daughters can also look elsewhere for advice.

So if they are seeking, what are we providing?  We think there is an opportunity to provide a place where they can get answers to the questions they have.  That’s why we’re producing SUREFIRE – a conference for teen girls, about teen girls to help them explore, discuss and learn.  A third space, where content can be provided by experts and discussions can be fostered.

Workshops offered include – “How to get an internship” taught by Lauren Berger InternQueen, “How to Tell Your Story Online” by Asha K and Mobile Film Classroom, “How to Make a Change” with KIVA and “Do Something, How to Build Confidence” with Alexa Fischer of 1000 Watt Presence and “Friends and Frenemies” with Girls in Power.

And for parents, teachers and coaches?  We have an adult program as well, featuring Randi Zuckerberg talking about the topics we need to navigate – teens in tech, Jodi Wing who talks about the “Art of Peace,” and Betty DeGeneres (Ellen’s Mom) speaking about acceptance.

SUREFIRE is based on my story.  I had several people intersect my life at key points in my teen years, and they changed my story from a shy, wallflower kid, into a confident one, equipping me with skills I never would have gotten anywhere else.  That was a serendipitous experience, but it doesn’t have to be.  We can create this world offline, and online.

In 2014, we’ll host a larger SUREFIRE and will be launching SPITFIRE for tweens and WILDFIRE for college age after.  Of course programs for boys are on our radar too.

Come join us as we debut a Sneak Peek on October 12th in Santa Monica of what is to become a movement!  We hope to welcome you there! As a gift to your community, we are happy to offer you a free pass with purchase of a teen ticket.  Please use the coupon code:  MOMSLA at checkout.

Other partners include TOMS shoes, KIND Bars, and OPI Nails.

Registration is Get your tickets today as we’re planning to sell out very soon!! 

Surefire girls

Yvonne Condes (369 Posts)

Yvonne Condes is the Editor and Co-Founder of She is a Los Angeles Mom of 2, former newspaper reporter, and occasional marathoner. Also find her at her personal Latina blog and @YvonneInLA and MomsLA.

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  1. I am so happy to read this. Can’t wait for you to launch SPITFIRE for tweens. I love Sophia’s girl scout troop, but this may be the last year of the troop since the girls start Middle School next year. I bet our GS moms would be up for a little GS trip to LA. Please keep me posted. Thank you!

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