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365 by Whole Foods Opens in Silver Lake

365 by Whole Foods

365 Wine Sign

Whole Foods’ new concept store, 365 by Whole Foods, opened today in Silver Lake. It’s the first one in the nation and after having a tour of the store, I think it’s going to be huge (not yuge, huge). 365 is Whole Foods private label line of less expensive groceries. The 28,000 square feet store has 365 brand products and much more.

Shelf in 365 by Whole Foods in Silver Lake

Wine at 365 by Whole Foods

When I had first heard about 365, I thought it would be like a much smaller Whole Foods. But the Silver Lake store is very spacious. It’s laid out more like a Costco than a Whole Foods. Which is great, actually, because one of of the things that drives me crazy about grocery shopping in Los Angeles is experiencing cart-rage when there’s not enough room in the aisle for carts.

365 by Whole Foods Silver Lake

Everything seems to be pretty easy to find. They have electronic signs and billboards to mark prices and deals.365 by Whole Foods has electronic signs and price tags.

One thing I really appreciate is that you can price your own produce. I rarely buy produce at Whole Foods because it can be so shocking when you get up to the register. At 365, you can weigh your item and put a price sticker on it so you know before you check out how much it will cost. The store has 5,000 square feet of produce with an enclosed area for chilled fruits and vegetables.

Produce at 365 by Whole Foods in Silver Lake

365 by Whole Foods

If you don’t feel like cooking, there are plenty of Grab-and-go items including pizza and the hot and cold bar like you would see in Whole Foods.We tried some of it on the tour – from Mac n’ cheese to quinoa lettuce cups – and everything was delicious.

Curried Quinoa lettuce bowls at 365 by Whole Foods

If you want to shop and not cook when you get home, you can order a pizza while you’re shopping and pick it up when it’s ready. Or you can kill time at the Allegro Coffee craft brew bar that serves cold pressed coffee, lattes, beer and wine. In addition to the cafe, there’s a full-service vegan restaurant, by Chloe.

Allegro Coffee and wine bar at 365 by Whole Foods

I couldn’t shop the day I did the tour because it wasn’t open to the public yet. If 365 were closer, I would go often, but Silver Lake is pretty far. If it’s far for you, don’t worry. There are two more Los Angeles area stores opening next year.



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