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Aqua Surf School Summer Camp

This is a sponsored post. 

Aqua Surf School Summer Camps in Santa Monica Beach, Venice Beach, and Redondo Beach teaches kids and teens more than just how to surf. I visited Aqua Surf School to check out their spring break surf camp in Santa Monica. Campers were improving their self-confidence, learning to practice ecological conservation, and acquiring ocean safety skills.

AquaSurf Camp

Aqua Surf School Summer Camp instructors are positive, friendly and great role-models. The first thing instructors do every day is make sure the kids have on enough sunscreen, which comes in different colors. “We call it FUN-screen,'” said Aqua Surf Instructor Danielle Schecter. They try to make it fun so it will become a habit and kids will want to use it on their own.

Different subjects are taught daily throughout the summer.  Correct surfing technique, rip current and ocean safety, surf etiquette, wave timing, the aloha spirit, long-boarding vs short-boarding, turning, wave maneuvers, surfing history, and much more. After the campers drank water and put on a camp-provided wetsuit, they gathered in a circle on the beach to do a land lesson.  Then it was time to get in the water.

Aqua Surf’s instructors are comprised of professional surfers and teachers, and they provide a phenomenal 3 to 1 camper-to-staff ratio. “We have an amazing staff. We absolutely enjoy what we do,” Danielle said. Their counselors and instructors are CPR and First Aid certified, and go through a three-month training program annually. The Aqua Surf instructor training program is a rigorous boot camp of extensive ocean swimming, beach running, ocean lifeguarding, emergency response protocols, customer service, systematic surfing instruction, camp operations and safety training.

The Aqua Surf School Summer Camp is great for kids ages 5-9yrs, 10-12yrs, and teens 13-17yrs and all levels of skill are welcomed. Instructors personalized the coaching to help kids feel and build their confidence through Aqua Surf’s method called Self Surf-Mastery. The goal and focus of this was to encourage campers to improve individually to best of their ability, consistently throughout the day, week, and summer. The campers were being taught to encourage one another, and not to compare or compete with other campers. “It’s not about who gets the greatest wave,” Danielle said. “It’s who was the best listener, who is pushing through their fears in the water, who is participating, and progressing the most.”

At lunchtime, the kids got out of their wetsuits, ate lunch, put on more sunscreen and played games like capture the flag, Happy-Ball (which is a combination of dodge-ball and freeze-tag) and some just chilled out under the shade. Then they put on more sunscreen and it was back into the water to surf some more.

During my visit I was pleased to witness so many campers catching waves and surfing. Each time the instructors and other campers cheered them on.

The campers may be different ages, but it ends up being one big family by the end of the week. Parents can sign campers up for a one-day camp, or for as many weeks as they’d like. Multiple weeks are discounted and they also offer sibling discounts. For more information on camp prices and hours, visit

This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Aqua Surf School. All opinions are my own. 



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