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Banana Boat 101 Days of Summer Play to Benefit Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

Fun Outside! Get out with your friends and family and enjoy! Banana Boat 101 Days of Summer

Banana Boat brand sunscreen has a new program designed to get families outdoors to play, and when you do, not only will you have a great time, but the Hole in The Wall Gang Summer Camp will benefit.

Fun Outside! Get out with your friends and family and enjoy! Banana Boat 101 Days of SummerEvery time a parent takes the Banana Boat Facebook pledge to get outdoors and play with their kids, the company will donate a bottle of sunscreen (up to 10,000 bottles) to the Hole in the Wall Gang, the camp founded by Paul Newman for children coping with cancer and serious illnesses.

I’m a sucker for big companies who do good deeds, so you know I’m excited about this.

Hula Hooping  Banana Boat 101 Days of SummerGetting outdoors to play is also a worthy endeavor, and I can always get my kids outdoors more than we do. The screens (computers & TV) are all so tempting, but we live in Los Angeles, and the weather’s so great here, we really need to get out and enjoy it as much as we can. Especially now that it’s summer!

 Banana Boat 101 Days of SummerAnd as my colleague Yvonne pointed out in her recent post about the need for sunscreen, the risks of skin cancer are just not worth it – not to mention the wrinkles you are SURE to get later in life. Wear sunscreen, people!

Sarah Auerswald is the CEO and co-Founder of MomsLA, a Community of the Top Mom Bloggers in Los Angeles.

{Thanks to Banana Boat for providing me with a sample of their new Natural Reflect sunscreen lotion that’s Paraben and PABA-free and some of the photos for this post. This is part of a sponsored campaign.}



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