Cafe Bolivar: Lunch w/ Dining Certificate

mixed green salad at Cafe Bolivar

Have you ever had an Arepa? It’s a wonderful little sandwich of sorts made with a cornmeal “bread” and filled with any number of different delicious ingredients. And you can get them in Santa Monica at a cute little place called Café Bolivar.

Yvonne and I had lunch at Café Bolivar so I could show her what an Arepa was, and luckily, we could use our dining certificate to pay.

We started with a beautiful mixed greens salad (and this is the Half Portion!), mixed green salad at Cafe Bolivarand then tried an assortment of 4 Arepas. 4 arepas at at Cafe BolivarThere are several choices but we finally settled on black beans with white cheese,  black bean and white cheese arepa at Cafe Bolivarfresh mozzarella with bacon and roasted red pepper, fresh mozzarella, bacon and red pepper at Cafe Bolivarham and cheese – ham and cheese arepa at Cafe Bolivarand oh my goodness the best one – the pulled pork.the pulled pork arepa at Cafe Bolivar

Wow! So delicious! And just the right size; not too big, but more than bite-sized. Plus they serve them all with this incredibly delicious green sauce called guasacaca, made with my nemesis: cilantro. Whatever they do to the cilantro, and they swear it doesn’t involve cream, it comes out perfectly delectable to me. Shocking.

Café Bolivar serves coffee and espresso drinks and makes fresh juices, too. I would mention the sweets they serve, but I didn’t have any room for any after that amazing lunch, so you’ll have to see for yourself.

Café Bolivar is near Santa Monica College and draws a crowd who seems to like to drink coffee and work on laptops. My kind of people!the crowd at Cafe Bolivar

We used our $10 dining certificate to help pay for our lunch and, as always, it was super easy to select, pay for and print out. I love to save money while eating terrific food!

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