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Celebrating the Outdoors with Cost Plus

Terrarium from Cost Plus

It’s been a busy couple of months for my family. We’re freshening up our house and it’s been a lot of work. Soon, the work part will be over and it will be time to make the house look pretty. I recently went to a fabulous party to #CelebrateOutdoors with Cost Plus and found so many ideas for summer decorating.

Terrarium from Cost Plus

The party was in Santa Monica on Pacific Coast Highway. It was the perfect place to make a terrarium (pictured above) with beach sand and sea shells. It will fit perfectly with the Marina Del Ray Collection from Cost Plus. I love the couch and chair. It’s prefect for a smaller patio.



Marina Del Ray Collection from Cost Plus (photo courtesy of Cost Plus)

The party was packed with beautiful people sitting on beautiful furniture. You can see the furniture collection on the patio in the picture below.

Cost Plus #CelebrateOutdoors party in Santa Monica in May, 2016

There was a lot of decorating inspiration at the party. I never think about what goes on a table other than the food, but after seeing the hors d’oeuvres table I think I need to step it up once our house is done.

A Beautifully decorated table at Cost Plus #CelebrateOutdoors Party

The sailboat is a fun idea that I never would have come up with myself. It’s sitting on a pretty stand with a candle and rope and a white octopus figure. I love it, but my brain doesn’t think that way. Thanks to Cost Plus it doesn’t have to; they have a lot of cute ideas in the Cost Plus Summer Catalog. I imagine that I’ll be looking at quite a bit n the next couple of months.

I went home from the party with an adorable summer scarf, the terrarium, and a beach bag with a few fun summer products from Cost Plus.



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