Comicon with Justin Timberlake and Alec Baldwin

Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake at Comicon

This is a guest post by Mary Kay Holmes.

Trolls Opens Nov. 4, 2016

Comic-Con is like Disneyland for people like me who don’t love Disneyland. Wait, let me rephrase…if I loved Disneyland, which I don’t, Comic-Con would be my Disneyland. Does that make sense? Hopefully you get the idea because it’s a perfect description. OK, let’s move on.

During Comic-Con the streets of San Diego are filled with wizards and super heroes and jovial video game cosplayers who have waited all year to let their inner kid take flight. The vibe is fun and joyful and friendly, with strangers high fiving each other in the streets and rejoicing, “Dude! I love your Deadpool costume!” Honestly, it’s the best.

On day one of my trip this year I was invited to attend the Trolls panel in Hall H, and was ecstatic. Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick? Yes please. Little did we know we’d have a super treat and Alec Baldwin was going to pop in to share a sneak peek of his new animated movie, Boss Baby, with us.

First we hit a Trolls panel hosted by the super awesome Chris Hardwick of Nerdist fame:

Chris Hardwick of Nerdist moderates Trolls

Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake at Comicon

Then Alec Baldwin delighted us with…well, uh, you know secrets about Boss Baby. Honestly I was having trouble concentrating because I love him so much.

Boss Baby with Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin at Comicon for Boss Baby

Afterwards we were invited to an awesome round table with each panel and I’m here to say they are all as hilarious and charming in person as you’d imagine them in your fangirl brain. We were not able to take photos, but we were able to enjoy an intimate discussion with the panel that included this quote from Mike Mitchell I have continually returned to in contemplative thought this week :

Singing, dancing, hugging. Those are the three really visual things you can do to go, oh, that’s happy. There’s happiness right there.”

As you can imagine, trolls are the embodiment of happiness in a cute little fuzzy package, and this clip perfectly captures why I can’t wait to see the entire movie. I mean, check out this super adorable clip:

Unfortunately we aren’t able to share video with you from Boss Baby, but it’s Alec Baldwin so it’s a no brainer. Add “Boss Baby : March 31, 2017” to your calendar with a daily alert the month of February, and thank us on Twitter when you love it.

Boss Baby Poster

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