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Osmo Live Bootcamps

Type: Academic, Coding, Virtual Camps & Classes


Osmo Live summer bootcamps are 6-week long, hands-on interactive classes focusing on Art & Creativity, Coding, and Math taught over the new Osmo Live platform for live learning. Kids ages 5 to 11 are taught by world-class instructors for 1 hour each week, with 2-3 hours of extended learning activities.

In Art & Creativity, kids bring out their creative side by learning drawing techniques; in Coding, they start developing critical STEM skills; and in Math, they explore how math makes up everything in our world, from flowers to planetary orbits.

While sessions are not private, they include immediate, personalized feedback. Kids can join by phone, desktop computer or tablet.

Classes begin the week of June 21 through July 31.


Phone Number:

Email: [email protected]

Website: Osmo Live Bootcamps

Dates: June 21 - July 31

Price: $150 per bootcamp, $25 off if buying more than one