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Revolution Math

Type: Academic, E-Learning


For many young learners, math can be a source of anxiety and frustration.  Revolution math was designed to eliminate these feelings and replace them with confidence and a true love of learning.  Our after-school activities (grades 2-5) will get your child excited about the learning process and inspire them to be great at math.  Learning squads (4 students) meet with their professional teacher 1x week in an online, interactive classroom.  Students embark on academic adventures – earning points and prizes along the way, and are introduced to math material 2-4 weeks in advance of schools, helping them become more confident learners.


Address: 1337 3rd St. Promenade, 2nd Floor, Santa Monica, CA , CA 90401

Phone Number: (424) 320-3085


Website: Revolution Math

Price: We are currently offering FREE trials for your first month. Then, Revolution Math is only $149, billed on a monthly basis.

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