Halloween is just a few weeks away!  Here are some fun crafts to get your little one into the Halloween spirit.

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Hand-painted Pumpkin

Painting and decorating pumpkins is fun for kids of all ages. This is an easy way to start decorating your home or front porch with Halloween decorations. Buy pumpkins from any local grocery store, break out your paints, glue, glitter, felt or anything you have at home and start decorating.

Target and other stores sell pumpkin decorating tools and kits. So if you want a batman, mummy or paw patrol pumpkin, check those out!

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Ghost and Monster Footprints

Ghost and Monster Footprints are a fun way for little ones to participate in holiday decorations. Just simply paint the bottom of your little ones’ feet (one green, one white) with washable kids paint and have them step onto a piece of construction paper. Let the paper dry for about 1 hour before decorating. You can use magic markers, paint, glitter, and more for the eyes and mouth!

Halloween Shaped Decorations and Place Settings.

Halloween Shaped Decorations and Place Settings are simple to make. For this project you will need construction paper, glue (or tape), and a metallic magic marker. For the bat, fold one black sheet of paper in half (hamburger style) and cut out a bat shape. You will instantly have two! Cut out a few or many to decorate the walls or hang from ceilings. Fold them slightly in half for a more realistic decoration.

For the pumpkin, fold one orange sheet of paper in fourths and cut out one pumpkin shape. You will instantly end up with four!  Then use a little green construction paper (or pipe cleaner) for the stem. Glue the stem to the orange pumpkin and wait about ten minutes to dry. Have your little ones decorate the pumpkin!

For the candy corn, use white, yellow and orange construction paper to cut out triangles. The easiest way is to cut out triangles in all three colors in exactly the same size. Then cut the tips for white, the middles for yellow and glue them all to the orange triangle for easy candy corn shapes.

The most fun part about these three projects is that they can put used as place settings, they can be strung into a banner, taped to the door, or hung from a tree for easy and festive decorations. Have your little ones color/decorate each one before displaying.

Haunted Tree House

Trader Joe’s Haunted Halloween House is a really fun project for the entire family. You can pick this up at any Trader Joe’s for $7.99. It takes about 30 minutes to put the house together and let it set before little ones can decorate with frosting and candy. Decorate the house in any fun way and display!



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