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Get Double the Pie Face With Hasbro’s Pie Face Showdown

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Just when you thought you saw it all through your whipped cream-covered eyes …

It’s Hasbro’s Pie Face Showdown!

A box of fun - Pie Face Showdown by Hasbro!
A box of fun – Pie Face Showdown by Hasbro!

Last fall, Hasbro’s Pie Face was the game to have! It was sold out everywhere and it was the hot toy on everyone’s Christmas lists. My kids were ecstatic when I came home from an industry event with one for the family. It’s one of the few toys that gets requested for simple playdates as well as family gatherings. Now, Hasbro has stepped it up a notch and brings Pie Face Showdown to family game night … and more!

Our house, like any with multiple children, always has some kind of conflict going on. A battle for the devices, an argument over the last cookies, or a dispute about who made the mess to be cleaned up. My refereeing never ends and usually ends up with someone mad at someone else. But can you be mad with whipped cream on your face? No!

Enter Pie Face Showdown! So much more fun than flipping a coin or getting yelled at by mom! Break out the Reddi-Wip, sit down, and see who can hit that button fastest while avoiding the projectile whipped cream. No worries if it’s not your turn to play, it’s just as much fun to watch — as proven by the endless social media videos of Pie Face!

No arguing siblings in your house? Why not have father face off against mother? Grandmother against grandchild? Dog against cat (kidding — maybe?)? Parents can decide who changes the next diaper, or who gets to sleep in on Saturday! If you’re having a family game night, have Pie Face Showdown be the starter. The winner gets to choose the next game.

Who's going to get creamed?
Who’s going to get creamed?

How to play Hasbro’s Pie Face Showdown

Set up of the game couldn’t be easier. The game does not come with whipped cream, but you can still play if you’ve got none in the house. It does come with a sponge that you can place on the hand so you end up wet (almost as much fun as whipped cream). It takes seconds to get ready with no batteries needed. The rules are simple: choose your side, count to three, and hit your button as fast as you can! We had ours on a wooden table and it slid a bit, so I’d recommend putting Pie Face Showdown on a tablecloth. Get your camera ready because, within seconds, someone’s getting a face of whipped cream. And you’ll definitely want to show it off!

Pie Face Showdown

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.